Spice of life

I am calling about the Shamokin Area breakfast menu. Ever since school started, all those kids ever get is cereal, toast, juice and milk. Why can't they have what the other schools have, like sausage, pancakes, waffles or french toast instead of just cereal every day? I am sure the children would like a choice.

Cover jinx

I just wanted to say Sports Illustrated has Joe Flacco on the cover. That means he will either get hurt or they are going to lose. Rob Gronkowski was on the cover and he got hurt. Now he is done for the year. It is a jinx.

Bubble bully

I just heard the news that a 5-year-old from Mount Carmel Area has been suspended because she took a bubble gun to school. It is outrageous. What about the bullies who get away with murder everyday? Everybody knows who the bullies are. You don't do anything about the bullies and that goes on all the time. Frog's take: For the record, she didn't have the toy gun in school.


What is wrong with these politicians? They want to sell everything off to these foreign countries. Now they want to sell off our lottery. That will take care of the payouts for the lottery.

Blessed mess

I am wondering what the Notre Dame arrogant think about Saint Te'o now. What a mess.

No interference

I just read Chuck Souders article on the hiring of coach Yisreal at Shamokin, and I couldn't agree more. Parents, administration and the school board should stay out of his way and let him coach without any interference. Another thing, the superintendant shouldn't be hanging out on the sideline during the games.

Red town blues

I guess we have the Mount Carmel Borough manager to thank for not picking up the Christmas trees. The streets are terrible. We need help with this town. Frog's take: Borough council made that decision and everything worked out fine without the government taking away your Christmas tree.

Peace of mind

I have a suggestion to "Snow job." I live in Mount Carmel and I also share your concern. My suggestion is one that I have already read in Sound Off over the years. Homeowners should be able to rent or lease a parking place in front of their property on a yearly basis. It would be a win-win for all involved. The borough would make money on the leases and fines, while the home owner would have peace of mind, along with no more neighborly disputes.

10-day suspension

You have a 5-year-old child, not old enough to know right from wrong, mentioning a bubble gun - not even having it with her - drawing a 10-day suspension from school? Is this what we have come to? Where is the common sense? These are the people we have teaching our children. Those involved with this should get 10 days off without pay.

Pay for education

It's amazing how much energy is spent on debating a football coach, and the amount of taxpayer dollars you are willing to spend to hire a football coach for a dozen games a year. But then you have no problem getting rid of teachers and educational programs because there isn't enough money in the budget. It's time you quit reliving your pathetic life through your children. The only way to succeed is education, and to take that away for a sport, on the taxpayer dime, is ridiculous.

Banking robbery

I have an idea for the city of Shamokin to save a few bucks. How about having the city employees refrain from conducting their personal business (such as banking) during work hours, using city vehicles? And before anyone says, "What if they're on their lunch break?," I highly doubt that's the case at 9:30 in the morning. And if it is another kind of break, then use your own vehicle.