Final tally

For the Bozo that was all over him/herself about Obama's margin of victory: According to U.S. News & World Reports, the final tally for the popular vote between the two was Obama 51.1 percent, Romney 47.2 percent. Yes, about 3.9 percent. That's a wider margin than George W. Bush in 2004, when pundits on the right declared that he had earned a mandate.

Calling shots

Typical Republican hypocrisy and arrogance. You lost the election by 3 percent but think you should still call the shots and only your opinions matter. Whatever happened to majority rule? I guess that only applies when your guy wins. As usual, you base everything on what you believe and what you want without any regard to reality or law. Stop living in your own heads and join the rest of us in the real world.

Works for us

This is in response to "My President." Our job as American citizens is not to sit back and support our elected officials. Our job is to let them know what kind of job they are doing. We need to write, email or call our officials to make them aware we don't just sit back and accept that what they are doing is OK with us if it is not. Remember, the government is supposed to work for us, not against us.

Big margin

Does the caller realize that Obama just won with the greatest margin of victory since Eisenhower? We all know you couldn't stand Obama from the start, but hang up the ballet shoes. The dance is over. He won big for a second time - big time! Frog's take: Not a bigger margin than Johnson had in 1964, Nixon in 1972 and Reagan in 1984.

A little on edge

Hey Froggy, did you ever get so disgusted with someone and dislike them so much that you just want to stab them in the eye with a sharp pen? Frog's take: No, not recently.

Community service

I would just like to let people know about Lawrence Bartol who just passed away. We grew up dirt poor. We never went to bed with a full belly but because of places like Bartol's Market, we always had something to eat. I am going to miss the man. He was a true community servant.

Armed and dangerous

This is concerning Brian Persing's comment in the paper that he wouldn't believe that there would be armed guards in the school. I am just wondering what he would think if there were armed guards at the school board meetings. Maybe he will believe that.

Tow truck

Why do we have a Toyota pulling the shuttle? Amazing. Frog's take: It is called a publicity stunt to sell more trucks.

At least

This is for all the Notre Dame haters out there. At least if you look at the statistics, you will see that Notre Dame has a 100 percent graduation student-athlete rate. Alabama is not even in the top 100 and Penn State is not in the top 50.

Twinkle twinkle

It puts a twinkle in this leprechaun's eye to see the Irish haters coming out of their holes.

Hillbilly state

I see that there is a bill in the works in Harrisburg for teachers to bear arms in schools. I am glad to see that Pennsylvania is turning into a hillbilly state.


I don't feel bad for Mr. Gurski not getting the head coaching job out at Shamokin Area. I feel bad for Mr. Yisreal for getting the job out there. He is going to suffer just like the rest of them because of that good old school board.


I want to congratulate Our Lady of Lourdes School for bringing all of the entertainment for the children. The ice sculpture is beautiful.

Local humor

This is for the person who commented about the stupid people in Brady. If you think the people in Brady are stupid, you should meet the people in Ranshaw. Frog's take: Nice!