It was Sutton

It was not John Dillinger. It was Willie Sutton who said the reason he robs banks is because that is where the money is. Willie Sutton is the only guy who ever escaped from Sing Sing, and they still don't know to this day how he did it. They call it the Castle on the Hudson.

Over budget

I can't understand why Kulpmont's budget is $2.1 million when the borough has one full-time police officer and Shamokin's budget is only $2.5 million and the city has nine full-time police officers. Shamokin has three times the population as Kulpmont, giving them a larger tax base. It looks to me like Kulpmont is about $500,000 over budget.

I like birds

The birds feeding on the front page is not a sign of warmer weather. They eat a little less when it is warmer and a lot when it is colder. After feeding them for more than 40 years, believe me, I know.

Permanent vacation

I see where Mr. Bartos is still on sick leave from the operation on his shoulder. I believe we call this milking the system. I had a shoulder operation and I was back to work within nine days, so he must be enjoying his vacation.


You can't cross the streets in Kulpmont when you can't get to the corner with vehicles parked on the sidewalks. I wish there was snow frozen on the curbs year-round; that way, the vehicles couldn't be parked on the sidewalks.

Very sad

It is very sad to see Sheriff Reiner leave his position. He is an outstanding, intelligent, good and honest man. All of this because of all the fighting at the county. It is a shame. When is it ever going to end? They need to get the big troublemaker out of there.

One bean hill

I propose that all council meetings be videotaped and made available to the public at any time in the future. This way we can keep an eye on these so-called creative politicians. There may be a little expense involved in this, but I am sure it won't amount to a hill of beans compared to what was wasted and lost in the past.

Snow go

I was pleased to read the article in The News-Item with code officer Bozza and Councilman Verano saying the city must enforce snow plow ordinances, especially pushing snow into piles at intersections. I would also like to see the snow emergency route ordinance strictly enforced with ticketing and appropriate fines.

Crosstown traffic

The "Bridgegate" in New Jersey shows you that the Republicans only care about themselves and not other people.

Great country

Wouldn't it be refreshing if our liberal news media gave as much publicity to four murdered Americans in Benghazi as they are giving to a traffic jam in New Jersey? Is this a great country or what?