Be glad

This is to all the people who bashed Geisinger when they were merging with Shamokin: Here it is, just over a year later, and Geisinger is already expanding on the Shamokin campus, creating jobs and income for the community. Stop the bashing and be glad Geisinger is here.

Holiday junk

I am calling about the trip I made to Atlas for Christmas to see the park. Next to the park is a junkyard. So sad.


Hurray. The New York City police are finally arresting some of those rabbis on child molestation charges. It is not just the Catholic priests who have that market cornered, so to speak.

Hearts alive

Hats off to Southern Columbia Area girls basketball team for donating their time for a Valentine's Day meal for the Shepherd's Table. These young people have busy schedules at school, but took the time for others. Hats off to you.

Black math

You cannot legislate the poor into equality by legislating the wealthy out of freedom. When half the people realize you do not have to work because the other half is going to take care of you, and when the other half realizes that it does no good to work because somebody else is going to reap the fruits of their labor, that, my dear friends, is the end of any nation. You cannot multiply wealth by dividing it.

Bloodshot eyesores

I hope it doesn't take as long to do something with the three homes burned out on Center Street in Mount Carmel as the garage on Seventh Street that was burned out last August and is still an eyesore. Clean up the town.

Side pocket

Hats off to Kathleen Kane for stopping Corbett from putting the senior citizens' lottery in his back pocket.

No mistaking it

I am calling in regard to "Old fashioned": If Dr. Kraynak didn't recognize the scene as a DUI checkpoint, he certainly had to be impaired. There is no way to mistake a DUI checkpoint as anything but that.

State clique

I agree with Gov. Corbett on selling the lottery. It is only controlled by a clique, a group of politicians who have all these jobs on the lottery commission.

Rapid fire

With all of the fires in the area, I think it is time for a new law. We need to ban all matches and especially those high-capacity lighters. This will save a lot of resources and save billions of lives.

Tough love

For the person who posted "Tough choices" concerning Mr. Kaleta's taxes: He is on disability with limited income and he is not the only family with back taxes owed. Did Clausi ever mention Mr. Kaleta's conservation efforts over the years? No. Did he mention that Mr. Kaleta received the state's highest conservation award? No.

Blocked shot

Congratulations, Attorney General Kathleen Kane, for rejecting the contract that would have given control of the Pennsylvania Lottery System to a private firm. I admire your diligence in upholding the regulations of the state constitution and the regulations previously formulated when the lottery was established. Keep a close eye on what the Republicans want to do with the Liquor Control Board. Their proposals to privatize liquor sales are simply a means to dump money into the treasury to make them look good.

Frequent arrests

I see where one person's name has been in the Police Blotter many times over the years for theft. They should put him in jail and throw the key away.