The U.S. House of Representatives has at least 10 members who received major contributions totaling more than $610,000 from the NRA to support their elections. You can be sure these individuals will not support any gun control or new regulations regarding weapons. This is a huge amount of money being spent to support politicians who do not necessarily represent the views of all the NRA members.

Big money

If it was against Dr. Kraynak's constitutional rights to get a DUI and he is found innocent, do I get my $7,000 back from the county for my DUI four years ago? Better chance of seeing Howard Stern get elected president. You do the crime, you pay the time and money. I don't stick up for police officers, but they had to do what they had to do.

Not too happy

As a matter of fact, we Democrats aren't too happy with Obama, how he's hiding info about drones and targeted killings. But as I seem to recall, conservatives cheered when we killed tens of thousands, including 4,400 Americans, in Bush's fake war, and were happy to be blissfully ignorant of the detail.

The write stuff

In Friday's edition, Chuck Souder's commentary couldn't hit a nail on the head any better than that. Good writing, Chuck.

Nobody's hero

Froggy, you called me an idiot. Don't you know that the King of England was the legal authority here in the 1700s and our Founding Fathers had prices on their heads? If I were to refuse my taxes, tar and feather the magistrate and pitch the mayor's tea into the Shamokin Creek, would I be a hero or would I get arrested?

Pay no mind

Vinny, pay no mind to what these people are saying in Sound Off. Move the county seat from Sunbury to Shamokin. God bless you, Vinny, for doing an outstanding job. Frog's take: Clausi never said he wanted to move the county seat.

Wiggle room

The Shamokin school superintendent was on channel 16 saying they don't have any wiggle room for make-up days now. This from a school that had six and half days off for Thanksgiving, then made up the day on the Martin Luther King holiday.

Cats rule

Jenna writes some interesting articles, but the latest on cats was four paws up. Love them or not, cats rules. I know, because I am at the beck and call of 11 demanding felines. Seriously, and I love them all.