Big Al the baron

Yes, the coal and timber barons had negative consequences. They also provided jobs and livelihoods for thousands at the time. But those barons were real pikers next to baron Al Gore, who has generated a wealth of millions for himself from so-called global warming. How many jobs and livelihoods has Al provided?

Show up

They threatened the loss of police, and you all made an outcry, and they gave you your police back - so you go away. Aren't you worried whether these cuts are valid or is just on paper? Aren't you worried the loan payment might mean actual police loss in a year or more? Go to the meeting and make them accountable and, for once, honest.

On the level

A big thank you to our county commissioners for saying they won't impose the $5 fee per vehicle permitted by our legislators. It's a level of sensibility not displayed in Harrisburg.


Bad weather brings out the worst in people. Please remind everyone that if you see a parking place has been shoveled out, that person will be returning home after work. Please don't take his parking place.

Driving etiquette

Just a reminder to everybody that in inclement weather, including rain, snow, sleet and fog, or when your windshield wipers are engaged, you are to have your headlights on. Also, you are to clean you car so you are visible and can see other people. Have a good day.

Totally clear

I would like to know why some people have their driveways cleared by the borough while others get plowed in. I just finished shoveling out yesterday and here comes the borough truck through the alley, pushing the snow right back where it was shoveled. Yet you go around town to make sure important people's lots are totally clear. I know that they didn't do it themselves. I guess it is who you are that counts.

Parking blockers

A friendly reminder to these people who set objects out to save their parking places: If it does damage to a car when somebody pulls in, you are responsible. Besides, it is against the law.

Wrong turn

People of Shamokin, there is this thing next to your steering wheel; it is a little lever; it is called a turn signal. How about we use them?

Memory full

Sen. Paul Ryan and Boehner are full of it.

Snow scooper

I was just wondering when that code officer is going to get his rear end out of that four-wheel drive wagon that he has and start writing up some people for some of these sidewalks that aren't scooped up? A lot of them are the younger people who don't want to come out and scoop their pavements.

Charity case

In my opinion Craig Fetterman and the Coal Township commissioners are being pretty generous with the taxpayers' money considering the fact that they just raised taxes on our citizens. I don't think we are in the position to be loaning the city or anybody else anything. Charity begins at home.

Tummy time

For the most part I enjoy reading Jenna's column. I was just wondering, the column she wrote on the 6th of February, if that is a picture of her midriff. Just wondering. Frog's take: Only her hairdresser knows for sure.


I would like to know how some women in our society got so stupid that they let their boyfriends sit at home and do nothing all day or go out drinking and they go to work. Then they go back with another woman and they take them back, and they do the same thing for them. Frog's take: I am the last person in the world you want to ask for advice on women.

Safe home

I think it is sad when they think more of the criminals in the county than they think of the county employees' safety.

Animal planet

Hey, Frog, you're not a bonehead. You are a gopher. Frog's take: Huh?

All Indians

Good job, Mr. Fetterman. I am glad you came to the aide of your neighbors. We are not the Purple Demons or the Greyhounds anymore. We are one community in spirit, doing what is best for the community. The fire department and police department have been working together for years when the occasion arises. People don't complain about that. Let's get a life, people, and start doing what is good for both communities.

Goose and gander

I would like to call attention to the PennDOT employees who do winter maintenance on the mountain road from Helfenstein and Locust Gap. Excellent job. That does not go unappreciated. Keep up the great work and many thanks.

Better spent

As a resident of Coal Township and a property owner who pays taxes, I cannot see why my tax money should be used to pay for police protection in other communities when that money can be spent for something else in the township.

Big time waste

I don't know why they want to spend $10,000 on psychiatrists or doctors to see if these people are competent to stand trial. They shouldn't waste the taxpayers' money. They were competent to plan this murder.

Pick up the tab

The Democrats, Obama and Pelosi are idiots, as are those who voted for them. They voted to pass Obamacare without even knowing what was in it. That was totally irresponsible and we, the taxpayers, are paying for their mistakes. The Democrats should pick up the tab. It is their bill and their stupidity. It is like buying an expensive mansion without looking at it - and the quicksand it was built on.