Cushy tush

I agree with today's News-Item editorial that the police in Shamokin are a very necessary ingredient of the city budget, but city council keeping cushy benefits and handing out thousands in nonunion raises is not.

No vote

Mayor Rozinskie, councilman Strausser, and councilman Snyder are up for re-election in 2013. If they vote to hand out a 21 percent raise to Steve Bartos this year, let's vote to hand out 0 percent of the votes to them at election time next year.

The other foot

Apparently Commissioner Clausi can't take what he has constantly has been dishing out. The shoe on the other foot quite often pinches. His lack of control over his emotions, especially his hair-trigger, name-calling temper has revealed a deep problem. I no longer believe anger management alone can fix this. I have been a staunch supporter, but for me this is enough.

Terrible towels

I figured how to get the county out of debt. We can sell Vinny crying towels.

Sins of the fathers

I am just wondering what our founding fathers would think of this so-called Tea Party that is beholden to the Republican Party. I mean, they are just a bunch of quacks and everything else. The president does have the authorization to raise the debt ceiling without even a vote of Congress. He can do that.

Hard facts

Mr. Clausi, to bring up the firing of Boris and Mr. Jones and how you exposed their wrongdoing, so you say, where is your hard drive? Before you go any further with county business, you should be returning your hard drive.

The Lord's name

It just appalls me that Vinny Clausi would put himself and God in the same sentence and refer to himself as God. It appalls me even more so that The News-Item actually went and printed that. Shame on you. Frog's take: It is what was said during a public meeting. Should we have ignored it?

More than adequate

I am just calling about this raise they are going to give to Steve Bartos. The mayor and city council better not give him a raise like that. A thousand or two is more than adequate. If he gets that raise, I am not paying my property taxes in the future.


I don't see how the police officers should have any problems doing the constables' jobs. My neighbor has been running around with a 2007 inspection sticker on his vehicle and nobody pulls him over.

Funny papers

This is in reference to Commander Clausi's mental abuse: What goes around comes around.

Into the ground

How can the Northumberland County taxpayers expect the county commissioners to run the county when they can't even run their own lives? They are like grade-school kids running to their mommies.

Other way around

Mr. Clausi, there is proof in the paper with a picture about a month or so ago of you screaming at Commissioner Shoch. There are many stories of you brow beating many county workers and in other offices and places. Now it is the other way around.