Same as always

Seventy years ago, President Harry S. Truman called Congress back from vacation. They didn't do any work, and he called them back. Today, the same thing is happening. Things haven't changed.

Plow complaint

Once again, the snow is falling and Den Mar Gardens is the lost, forgotten land with the plow. Someone should give the plow driver a lesson, instead of going up the center of the street.

City workers

I just want to say thank you to the city workers, especially Mr. Richardson, for all the good work they do with snow removal. Fantastic job.

Cable flap

Who are we supposed to believe? WNEP or SECV? It doesn't matter. Why don't they consider the wants and desires of the people instead of squabbling between themselves? You don't know who to believe anymore.

Electoral College

I loved your article on the editorial page about gerrymandering and the Electoral College. They should get rid of the Electoral College and just go by the popular vote. George W. Bush won in the Electoral College, even though Al Gore won the popular vote.

The real loser

So there is a dust-up between SECV and WNEP. We all know who the loser will be when the cable fee is increased in April.

Gas prices

Gas in Elysburg was $3.55 a gallon one day. In Sunbury, gas was $3.31. I don't get why there is a big price difference. I think The News-Item should do a weekly update on local gas stations, or select a few.

Blame majority

We have a Democratic president and a Democratic Senate, and our country is going down the toilet quicker than ever. Yet someone in Sound Off is criticizing the Tea Party, the Republican Party and the NRA. I don't like either party, but if you are going to criticize, why not criticize those who are making the majority of the decisions for the country?

Odd question

I see that Jack Klugman recently died. I have a puzzle for you. In his show, "Quincy," he was always referred to as "Quince," "Quincy" or "Dr. Quincy." What was the character's first name? Frog's take: A quick check with Wikipedia (maybe there is a better source) reveals that, on an occasional episode, there was an office door sign visible, "R. Quincy," but no first name was given.

Just like sheep

I agree with the reader. After Obama taxes all the "rich" people, it will keep our government going for eight days. What scares the heck out of me is how thorough Obama has been able to mislead the liberals. Just read the comments from liberals; they do nothing but repeat the unfounded propaganda like it is fact. They believe everything Obama says without question and then merely repeat it. When you question them, they start the name calling. Just like sheep, they will follow the sheep in front of them without question.