Under a mountain

This is a big thank-you to Vinny Clausi. You have just created a mountain of debt for the citizens of Northumberland County. You keep saying, "I stand on my record." Well, let your record show that we are in severe debt because of you and your obstinance. There is nothing wrong with admitting that you made a mistake or that you were wrong. Merry Christmas to all. We will be paying higher taxes.

Raise my rent

People who rent houses in Mount Carmel better go to the council workshop about raising landlords permits because landlords will have to raise their rents to cover this outrageous increase.

Lessons learned

Several callers keep calling Sound Off and saying they hope the Republicans got the message in the election. If the message was that successful, people who worked hard for their money are evil, career welfare recipients are to be admired and you should spend more money than you take in, then yes, we got the message. My message is this: Obama is a bum.

Switch gears

Everyone is complaining about Geisinger taking over all the local hospitals and being a monopoly and having no other choice as to where to go. I switched to Sunbury Community Hospital, and I am so happy I did. You are not a number, and the care I found for my family has been absolutely wonderful. Stop complaining and go somewhere else.

Control denied

Let me get this straight. The Republicans are trying to control out-of-control spending so that your great grandkids are not in debt in an impoverished nation and they are the problem?


Any wonder the county is going bankrupt? On the employees' salaries in the paper, I can see some of the jobs that are dangerous and stressful. But a senior center manager gets $25,000 and then they complain about teachers. A senior center maybe has 15 people in one given day. What is stressful? Boy, they need to change those salaries.


I am reading about the PLCB and the products they are making for themselves. Is this not a conflict of interest? Are they allowed to do this? This should be looked up in the law someplace.