On their feet

I would like to know when these gutless school directors are going to sit down and figure a way out with these teachers paying one percent of their insurance and putting everything on the people of this county. I think it is about time they stand up on their feet and go against these unions.

Blue Sunday

I think the state of Pennsylvania should reinstate the Sunday blue laws that they rejected years ago. Years ago, the companies couldn't do things that they are doing today on Sundays and holidays.

Speaks volumes

Why are all these people taking all these pot shots at Coach Roth? His record speaks better than almost ever coach in the area. I just can't understand. They were outplayed, that is all. They weren't outcoached. You can't win them all. Look where the Steelers are. Open your eyes. Mr. Roth has a good record.

The money changers

These corporate people, all they care about is money. They don't care about the people who have to work on Thanksgiving Day. They started this Black Friday about a week before Thanksgiving. Well, I look at it this way. Why don't they start it a week after Black Friday? Have it that whole week. Why is it a week before? These people are all about greed and they don't care about anyone else but themselves.

Word for word

The Thanksgiving blessings in The News-Item were beautiful. I read the whole article Thanksgiving word for word and it was a real blessing for me. I hope many other people read it.

They're great!

Congratulations to the Southern Area football team for a very good year. Yes, we lost to Old Forge, but you never let your team down. You were very devoted to your team buddies. Hold your head high because you deserve all our praise. Also to the girls soccer team, you made it to Hershey which was an honor. Tigers are still the best.

Eyes wide open

What do Strausser, Rhoades and Snyder mean that they were shocked by the deficit figure? They were in there all the while. Couldn't they see what was going on? Open up your eyes, guys.

Giving thanks

We would like to thank Mother Cabrini parish, Father Martin, Father Adam, the choir and musicians who gave us such an uplifting Mass of Thanksgiving on Thursday. It was delightful.

Pushing daisies

Who knows? Maybe the Kennedy assassination was a government cover-up, but we will never know about it until everybody involved is dead. That is the way government cover-ups work.

Hot for teachers

Boy, I wish I was a teacher in the Mount Carmel Area School District. Fifteen hundred dollars plus two percent on top of that for the next three years. I'll tell you one thing, you only deserve half of that amount of money. Frog's take: Ever think about a career change?


I think Jake Betz was trying to be funny when he said there should be an American Bandstand marathon on TV, but I would love if there would be an American Bandstand marathon. I bet a lot of other people my age would be, too. Now that would be something we would watch. Frog's take: He says he meant it. This is one of those cases where you can be both funny and serious at the same time.