Moral majority

Yeah, Frog, if living in the 21st century, where you are either a fiance or a companion with two or three kids, sometimes five, with different last names, I think I'll say "no" and stay where I am. I am not ashamed to be moral. Frog's take: Put a lid on it. I'm a single father.

Reason to serve

Councilmen are considered community leaders. They get a small pay as a token of the taxpayers' appreciation. They generally run because they live, work and play in the community, and they want to see it better, not because they don't have to work other jobs. Go get a full-time job with benefits, don't sponge them from the taxpayers.

The real problem

I find it amazing how many comment on $12,000 for a bridge that adds to the quality of life in the community and relieves an eyesore, but nobody seems to mind the council and mayor getting $23,000 a year in health benefits. We could have two bridges and a new pool for the children in what it costs for just one year of their health care.

Fire GOP chief

The Republican Party should fire Reince Priebus as its chairman.

Just 'Vinny'

To the people who keep calling in to encourage Vinny: He embarrasses people. and he is an embarrassment. Do you all know him personally? Because you don't call him "Mr. Clausi," you keep calling him "Vinny," "Vinny," "Vinny."


This is about the call about unmarried parents. I am sure you love your children very much, and you do your best to support them, but you say we need to come into the 21st century. Are you saying that morals and obligations and commitment are old-fashioned?

Thanks for Vinny

I would like to ask: How come every day when you pick up the paper, the city is crying about money. I swear, it's like every day. Come on, give it a break. It seems that nobody in this town is paying taxes. We need to figure out what is wrong, and we need to figure it out fast. At least Vinny is trying to help. Thank God for Vinny.

Don't show them

Because of all the gang tattoos in the area, I think our school district should do the same thing as sc hool districts in Pittsburgh, in Ohio and Texas. Simple: No tattoos can be seen while at school. They must all be covered. It sounds like a good idea for us.