Who benefits?

We have sent helicopters, air support and special forces to Iraq to airlift and evacuate refugees as they flee violence. When children flee violence and arrive at our borders, they are greeted by protesters and pushed back. How do we decide who benefits from our humanitarianism?

Right sometimes

After all, is it realistic to believe that the president has never done one thing right?

Double parking

It's about time for Mount Carmel Borough to have police ticket people for double parking. It's going on all over town. People park in the middle of the streets like it is their own private driveway. Someone is going to get in an accident and the borough is going to get sued because they refuse to stop the double parking.

LM positions

Just for clarification, Line Mountain's new administrative position was created in June when the former dean of students and athletic director took over a created position as middle school principal. So why is a dean of students/AD needed at $63,000 a year? Line Mountain went from having two principals and a dean of students to now having three principals and a dean of students.

Park vandalism

So the kids are vandalizing the park in Shamokin? Where are the $65,000 per year policemen? Did the caller call the cops? Maybe if the cops did their jobs, these things wouldn't happen. Frog's take: You might also say that if parents did their jobs and if more people helped the cops, fewer of these things would happen.

What to do

About the incident about the Claude Kehler park: Did you call the police? The only way things like this can be taken care of is if citizens like yourself see these things going on and call the police right away? Don't yell at them or they will run off. Call the police while this is going on.

Hometown park

Congratulations to Knoebels for making that little girl's dream come true. Not many parks would do what you did, and we are so proud you are our hometown park.

Cat's life span

I am sitting here in front of my computer. According to the ASPCA, if a feral cat survives kittenhood, his average life span is two years by living on their own. So stop poisoning them.

Traffic light

This is for the Ralpho Township supervisors. Today there was another accident by the Wayside. It's time you spend some money and put up a traffic light. Frog's take: Since it is a state highway, this is not something the township could do on its own.

Proximity to kids

There are more little kids on Poplar Street than any street in Kulpmont. So where do they put a playground on Vine Street? This town needs an overhaul. Where is the common sense?

Peach festival

Thank you to the Salem Church for the lovely peach festival. I especially like the fact that they made 6-inch pies. They are a great pie for senior citizens because we don't waste as much. I really enjoyed it.