I see the Republicans are out trying to gather votes now. It is time to vote out the inept Republicans in Congress.

Jenna for hire

Jenna, you give a whole new meaning to the cliche one man's trash is another man's treasure. Your restoration expertise is awesome, your taste, impeccable. Great job. I have an ancient leather chair that needs a face lift. Do you hire out? If not, you should. You could make some big bucks.

Six shooter

Big, bad, bold Obama is now threatening air strikes against ISIS in Iraq. You are six years too late, Obama. If you would have just continued George Bush's policies in Iraq; we had Iraq won.

One flew east...

The people that walk through our town at night look like the stars from "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest." Did Jack park the bus somewhere in Shamokin? I think he did. Frog's take: "Which one of you nuts has got any guts?" I love that movie.

Just one thing

President Obama has ordered air strikes against ISIS in Iraq. Don't these people know they are supposed to greet us as liberators? The only thing we liberated was ISIS from Saddam Hussein.

Adult swim

Instead of putting a bike park in Mount Carmel, they should worry about getting the Mount Carmel pool open for next summer. The kids have nowhere to go, that is why they destroy property and do other things that they shouldn't do.

Shiny and new

Someone in Sound Off said Kulpmont should get 24-7 police protection before we get a new building. I think what we need before we get any of it is a new mayor that doesn't want to go around blowing off people's heads. I think given his actions he should resign his post. That is really unbelievable.


Why doesn't Kulpmont do something about the bad rat problem we are having?

Great job, Kelly

I would like to thank Mount Carmel Township policeman Kelly Campbell for an awesome job for having a successful National Night Out that was held in Atlas. Way to go, Kelly.