Tipping fee

If Coal Township commissioners were seriously looking at ways to generate income and give the taxpayers a break, they would charge a tipping fee at the fly ash waste dump in Burnside. In my 45 years of trucking, every dump in Pennsylvania I have patronized, whether it was residential waste or demo waste, the truck has always been charged a tipping fee. It has been going on five years; that's a lot of lost revenue.

Step up

I would have gained more respect for Mayor Milbrand if he had stepped up and chosen a new police chief rather than just letting the situation deteriorate, as it did by itself. I really hope whoever he chooses has a new plan and direction for our city, one that includes serious traffic control inside city limits and more protection from the ever-increasing truck traffic that travels on our city streets on a daily basis.

Charlie's way

I'd like to congratulate Councilman Verano. He is sticking up for the people of Shamokin, like he promised. That was what he was elected for. Now, the rest of the council should do their jobs.

Some advice

To the Shamokin council and the mayor: Keep your hands off the police. They are doing a wonderful job. Get the riff-raff out. Shut down the street sweeper and save some money. Give the rif-raf brooms to clean up the streets. A good way to clean things up without wasting money on dumb stuff.

Past and future

What was in the past is not necessarily your future.

Lack of progress

That was a nice picture in the paper about the blighted properties on West Chestnut Street in Coal Township. These pictures were in the paper before, and nothing was done about the eyesore. Someone must be running for re-election.

An emergency

When the new mayor was out looking at blighted buildings, why didn't he go up with Kurt Masser and others and look at the Shamokin Dress Company? The roof is caved in on the Rock Street side and the building is splitting in half. Is he going to wait until it falls on somebody's house or car or maybe kill people? Act now before it's too late. It's a dire emergency.

Too generous?

It would behoove all of us to read about the cruelty inflicted in our names, and I think we will conclude that Obama's forgiveness from prosecution is too generous.


I wish people could be more open-minded about God, our Creator. Life is good, but life with God is the best life. God is good, and heaven is for real.

Griffiths for mayor

Let's start early and start a campaign to make Griffiths mayor of Shamokin.

Sad day

I am calling about Griffiths' retirement. I think it's a sad day for the city of Shamokin. The one thing we had going for us was a good, honest chief of police who cared about the citizens. Once again, politics will take a toll. I never knew Griffiths to run for anything that he didn't win by a landslide because he is so well-liked. I don't recall him ever having to go into a recount and winning by one vote.