Nothing new

This is in response to "Hiding all the way." Homosexuality isn't really anything new, and why have gays been hiding all these years?

Green and gold

I see that NBC has renewed its contract with Notre Dame to televise all of its home football games. As a Notre Dame fan, it is great that the Irish have had their own TV network for the last 35 years. Now it is guaranteed for another 10 years. No other sports team has had this privilege. Go Irish!

Joe cool

President Obama was visibly infuriated because the Senate voted against his gun bill. Where was all that fury when four Americans died over in Benghazi? He was so cool about that, but he is furious when the Senate failed to take guns rights away from American people.

Dirt city

Good article in The News-Item by Jake Betz in regard to "the messies." He hits the nail on the head. However, just take a look at the area besides picking up litter and trash. Drive in from Route 61 on Sunbury Street and take a look at all the houses. I don't think the facades have been washed in 15 years. What a way to greet visitors to the area with a filthy city. Frog's take: I'm sure some people are just lazy, but do you know what it takes to keep your house clean when you live along a highway, especially when dozens of coal trucks rumble by every day?


Mount Carmel Borough Council passed a quality of life ordinance supposedly to make it easier to enforce the laws to clean up properties. Just wondering - are the politicians' properties included or are they exempt?

Show me money

Mount Carmel council members are worried about where they are going to get the million to pay back. Instead, get the FBI in and find out where the money is.

Nothing new

This is to the uniformed person who responded in Sound Off about purchasing a gun. I have recently purchased a gun online, and you do need a background check. That is nothing new. Pennsylvania has had that for years.

Hitting home

Jake Betz's article about the messies among us really hit home. Every day I go out and pick up the mess left behind by the children getting off the school bus or the parents waiting to pick them up. I am not sure who they think picks up the trash that they toss.

Commence the cleanup

Congratulations to the Mount Carmel council for passing the quality of life ordinance. Let the cleanup begin. They will be able to fund the retirement fund just from collecting the animal feces alone.

His backyard

This is about Mr. Faraguna's letter to the editor regarding the building of the county prison in Coal Township. I have a better suggestion: Build the prison in Herndon, in his backyard.