Grays are showing

I don't know what is going on with these teenagers nowadays, but they have no respect for anybody. I don't know if the parents aren't teaching them right or the children aren't listening to their parents, but the teenagers in the Shamokin area are very disrespectful to adults. Parents need to wise up and teach their children some respect.

Not man

What is wrong with this picture? Had a bad day and decided to shoot off many rounds with a gun in the dark from 9:30 to 11 p.m.? Absolutely nothing? Not!

Tree line

It made me laugh when I saw the picture of that tree in front of Mountain View and the caption said that it was Mother Nature's work. Those trees are so badly trimmed it was a miracle that they stayed upright as long as they did. What they should do is just get rid of all of them and plant a new line of trees about 50 feet back from the power lines.

Not a target

I am calling in regards to the "boom" in Mount Carmel. I am glad to see my tax dollars are being put to good use for target practice. I would say more, but I have to get up for work tomorrow.

Dead flowers

There was a time when people had pride in our town, now we have Christmas lights up all year, dead flowers, old couches on the porch, a rusty awning and year-round dirt. It is a beautiful sight in PA.


After seeing the article where two little boys cleaned up where they live, I went out and cleaned up the area where I live. Everyone should clean up the area where they live. Keep Shamokin area clean.

Sick of lying

Health and human services secretary Kathleen Sebelius resigns. Now, will our liberal media tells us the reason she resigned? Probably not, because she resigned because she is tired of taking heat for lying for the Obama administration.

Black hole

The old garage again on 1533 W. Independence St. is dilapidated and harbors cats, skunks and snakes. This is a couple years now. All the properties are kept well and this is an eyesore. What is the problem?

Bitter peace

Everyday in Sound Off, there is someone who is bitter that people finally have health care. In our previous system, the insured paid more to cover the uninsured. Hospitals closed because of the uncompensated care they provided. The level of hatred astounds me. A healthy nation with every single person covered is in everyone's interest. It will take us some time for us to get there, but surely we are capable of caring for everyone as many other countries do.