American problem

An American problem: gun crime, mental illness and the easy access that dangerous people have to guns. Our public officials seem more interested in political theater and special interest threats rather than leadership and solving problems. What does it take to wake up some of these politicians and work on a resolution to these issues?

Serve the people

Why does Vinny compare county government to his business? The county isn't a business - its purpose is to serve people, not to make a profit. I do agree it's crazy that our recorder of deeds has three supervisors and only one employee. Maybe it's because Vinny's previous reductions left employees with a higher salary than their supervisors. And somehow, Vinny thinks the answer to the county's problems is to cut salaries to the point of making elected row officers eligible for food stamps.

Cops and robbers

I am new to the area and have come here to have a safe retirement. I worked for many years as a security guard at a large company in Maryland. I just read in the paper that there is a housing authority guy running around at all hours of the night playing cops and robbers. Sounds like this guy is impersonating a member of law enforcement.

Doing his job

I can't believe Raymond G. Splane was cited for doing his job. Isn't he the chairman of the housing authority? Isn't he supposed to protect the tenants who live in the high-rise and Raspberry Hill? He asked someone to sign a book to gain access to the high-rise; he asked someone for proof of a vehicle illegally being parked on Raspberry Hill. That's his job.

Union hater

I read with interest that the county lost the lawsuit in the D.A. office. What I would like to know is if your people could check and see how much it cost the taxpayers of this county in settlements that the union hater Commissioner Clausi has been a part of? Frog's take: I'm told that the last we took a look at that was back in 2010. The county in December of that year spent $564,000 total for contracted attorneys to handle various cases. We'll see about updating those numbers for 2013.

Tooth and nail

I hope while Jerry Splane is fighting the charges "tooth and nail" he is using his own money, not the taxpayers' money. I think it would be wrong for him to use my hard-earned tax dollars to pay his bills.

Killing box

Regarding guns, much of the debate in recent days lays the blame on violent video games and films, and or mental illness. Other countries play these same games, watch these same films and have citizens with the same mental illnesses, but do not suffer the carnage we do. We must face the facts: Our gun culture is killing us.

Health history

Regarding health histories: Any health care provider worth their salt includes a sexual history in a patient evaluation.

Born to lose

Come on, News-Item sports department. Penn State lost last Saturday and they are going to lose a lot more before the season is over. Is there another team or college coach in Pennsylvania that we can write a story about? Frog's take: Come on, caller. Win or lose, Penn State has more fans than probably all the other Pennsylvania colleges at any level put together.

Past their prime

The problem with Mount Carmel Area football is the coaches are all past their expiration date.

Across the universe

In response to the caller regarding John Lennon and his path to heaven: Since John Lennon was killed and has been dead quite a long time, I don't think he is on any path to anywhere.

Flunked out

Hey, Kraynak, you wanted to take a cerebral test? We are pretty sure that you flunked that test the minute you got into your car and drove drunk.