No better?

The guy trying to block the outdoor park is no better than a welfare queen. He's living off the taxpayers' dime and seems perfectly able to work. He needs to get a job and stop taking our tax dollars to sue the county commissioners, which ends up costing us even more money.

Not so leisurely

Assuming the individual who called in and said that Mr. Kaleta has put in 10,000 hours is correct, then I don't see how that volunteer work is leisure at all. Consider that a 40-hour work week for 52 weeks in a year is 2,080 hours. Seems to me Mr. Kaleta is very dedicated to improving our community. Only in this area would people complain about volunteer work.

Judge not

This is for all you people who are condemning Mr. Kaleta for his disabilities. Maybe you should realize that he is an ill man he can still function somewhat normally. It doesn't mean that he was up in the mountain swinging a pick and shovel and planting 10,000 trees. Maybe he was supervising the dedicated volunteers who were working with him. Maybe he took an ATV to get up there.

Not in my backyard

So they relocated the pit bull? Well, it better not be in my neighborhood. People are getting sick and tired of the dog problems. Maybe we need to get stricter laws or get people that can actually do them right. Frog's take: We are pursuing another story on that situation.

Rally time

I think people in Northumberland County should rally against Clausi. Look, he is in the paper again shooting his mouth off and cutting other people before they speak.

Bully for you

It was rather sad reading about the Wisconsin TV anchor being bullied by a viewer. We come in all shapes and sizes, but evidently that is not good enough for that bully. In that same edition of The News-Item, returning to the front page, you see the picture of Northumberland's County's MVP bully, "King" Vinny. And that is just as sad.

Giving it up

All these people who are against the Obama administration and the Democrats, are they willing to give up their SSI benefits, their Medicare and Medicaid? All their benefits the U.S. government has given them or that they paid in, to bring in Mitt Romney as president? Frog's take: Here we go again with the misinformation machine.


Recently I attended the Tunnels to Towers 5K run in New York City. I had the heartbreaking privilege of walking next to some triple-amputee wounded warriors. I cannot view them as the 47 percent of victims who receive a government check. They deserve our respect, prayers and tax dollars - without any complaint.

Keep her there

This is about Tafner pleading poverty. The judge should keep her butt in jail until she comes up with at least half of the restitution that she stole from the American Hose. I am a lifetime member at the American Hose and, on account of her, we have no ambulance.

Bait and switch

I think Commissioner Shoch is just baiting Vinny to get him all riled up so he has a heart attack or something.

Romper room

I would like to know who is running the Northumberland County government while the babies are screaming at each other.

Any excuse

Can you believe these oil companies? Any excuse they can come up with to raise the price of gas. $3.99? That is ridiculous. When is the president going to do something about this?

Rough stuff

I agree with Joe Biden's speech the other day. The last four years have been particularly rough for the middle class.

No light of day

How can you steal more than $3 million and still claim you are broke? You bankrupted our fire company and ambulance and you put everybody's lives at risk in town for greed. If you never see the light of day, that would be a good thing.

Same answer

A local politician said no one takes responsibility when they do something wrong. Yet his answer when people complain about people breaking laws is always the same answer: Everybody does it. So that makes it OK?