Rosy future

For those seeking jobs, consider retraining in the medical field. The need for millions of providers in hospitals, clinics, labs and pharmacies will skyrocket now that the health care exchanges are open. Anyone who provides medical supplies will expand their businesses. Teachers will be needed to teach all the health care disciplines. All the support jobs in these fields will also be available. Once there are millions of newly insured people, there will be an increased demand for the unemployed to fill. This will be a good thing for everyone.

For shame

Shame on Lou Barletta.

Woolly situation

If Atlas can get money to tear houses down, how come Kulpmont can't get money to clean up Mr. Dubbs' lot? Somebody should look into this. These councilmen are trying to pull the wool over somebody's eyes.

Frog house

Hey Frogman, I do believe that Sound-Off is the most astounding part of our local newspaper. I guess I can say that the paper has really gone to the frogs! Frog's take: Astounding? I would use the word "stupifying."

Fair week

Let's see, we work, we pay taxes, we take care of the riff-raff who will not work and now we pay for the high-paid lobbyists for big money who get in Congress who are not doing their jobs. I think this is fair, don't you?

Free pass

A friend told me this and she is absolutely right. The 28th amendment to our Constitution states that Congress shall make no law that applies to the citizens of the United States that do not equally apply to the senators and congressmen of the United States. So, why are the senators and congressmen of the United States given a free pass not to sign on to Obamacare?

Retirement age

Mr. Phillips, our wonderful watchdog of the county, the retirement age is 55 with 20 years of service or 60 regardless of the length of your service.


I think it is hilarious that so many people call Sound Off commenting on teachers asking for more money. So, I guess you are the only person in America that doesn't think that you are underpaid.

See though

With the county salary cuts, it just seems ridiculous that the commissioners delayed theirs to 2016. Don't they know that we can see right through that? That they won't be there and their salary will not be cut but the other ones that were cut are so dramatic. It doesn't even seem like it is legal.

Knowing someone

You know, the county employees must think we are stupid in Northumberland County. These are all patronage jobs. Do you know what patronage jobs are? You don't have to know anything. All you have to do is know a politician to get one. They are not working jobs.

That smell

Meg Bartos received $2,500 for writing a failed grant application; however, Tom Grbenick is now processing grant paperwork at no cost to the city, and Mr. Bartos says it looks pretty darn good at the prospect of receiving the $100,000 grant. Do you smell what I smell?

No extras

Concerning the raises for the teachers: They think that they should have raises because they have to pay for their student loans. Well, other professions have to pay for their student loans as well and they don't have all summer off and guaranteed holidays off and breaks in the morning when the weather is bad. Some people even have to work holidays and they don't get any extra pay.

Suffer the vets

Why are the Democrats spending money on armed guards and fences to keep elderly vets from the World War II Memorial which wasn't even government funded? It was citizen contributions. The answer is to make as much suffering possible for this socialist agenda.

Join up

I just received a recruitment letter to re-enter the workforce in preparation of all the new patients.

River of tears

After talking to quite a few friends, it seems the only ones worried about the Northumberland County career politicians' pay cut are their relatives and those who benefit from the politicians' office. Boo hoo!

Block head

The Republicans didn't shut the government down, The blockhead in the White House shut it down with his Obamacare. The Republicans sent a bill to pay for everything except the health care act and the Democrats said no. Obamacare is the worst bill ever and is a whole other argument.

Somewhere over the rainbow

I have a son with a college degree working at a juvenile detention center for ten years and barely making more than a teacher just starting their first year with no big pension waiting for him at the end of the rainbow. He works 49 weeks out of the year, not eight months. Seriously, give me a break!