Breaks my back

Another deadbeat calls in and says he is also on disability and he helped Kaleta plant trees and clean up. His counselor said it was good therapy. How about this? Get a job and get off my back. I have carried you bums all my life and I am getting sick of it.

Job well done

I just wanted to call and congratulate the Mount Carmel and Mount Carmel Township police on a job well done handling this bomb threat. I think it's about time they start cracking down on these kids and their parents. The parents should also be fined in a situation like this, not just the kids. Way to go, guys.

White noise

How much more of our money is Clausi going to spend on his personal vendettas? That noise about how he does what's right for the people got stale a long, long time ago.

Fair and balanced

This is about the comment about MSNBC and the Democrats and their socialist views. How can President Obama actually be a socialist when, under his administration, private-sector jobs have increased every single month, as opposed to George W. Bush, when private-sector jobs decreased? MSNBC may be a liberal network, but they don't claim to be fair and balanced, whereas Fox News claims to be fair and balanced when it is not.

Green is good

I see Ralpho Township is now going to pick up all plastics. They have a beautiful setup over there. Ashland and the surrounding areas have a beautiful setup and they collect everything. In Mount Carmel, we have to pay for it, and they only collect about three different things. I wonder if anybody can tell me what the problem is.

Took our jobs

Romney, China's best friend. Now we know where those 12 million jobs are going to.

Outstanding job

This is for Vinny Clausi, our county commissioner: Keep up the good work. You are doing one outstanding job. You have got my vote.

Trust issues

After watching the vice presidential debate, who do you trust?

Diary of a madman

Joe Biden looked like a madman in the debate. Frog, get Austin Powers over here to get him.

Turning the screw

The city of Shamokin is going to raise taxes more or otherwise try to get as much as they can out of the people - you, me and whoever they can. They are going more in the hole and have been in the hole for a long time. Get ready for more to happen.

Vested interest

I am calling about the pregnancy center home going in. Shame on you, commissioners. Four of the five have a vested interest and you guys still voted on it.

Good cake

This is about the cheesecakes. Those men come to my house every time they are in town, and I buy one. They are the most delicious things. I would take one of them over any cake someone in town can make.

Make-up day

I was just calling regarding the Mount Carmel bomb threat. I just wanted to say that it is a good job they put it in and recognized who did it so we can feel at ease that the person got caught. But another thing that I don't think is fair is that the children who went to school that day now have to make it up.

General specific

Once again, Paul Ryan offered no specifics on his tax plan and vouchers ending Medicare. Ryan wants to privatize Social Security. What a joke. Frog's take: How could he do that as vice president? He can't set policy.

Break needed

I read with great dismay about the opposition in Coal Township to the group home for pregnant girls. They are worried about criminal intent for pregnant girls? Give me a break! You are worried about property values? Oh, come on. Let's give the pregnant mothers a break.