No great shakes

Now that Mr. Krankowski and Mrs. Faraguna have written letters to the editor endorsing Obamacare, I would ask them the following question: If this is such a good plan, why has Congress exempted itself from its provisions and why has Obama given a waiver from the requirements to his political friends, certain business and unions? Answer that for me, please.

Disco corruption

I noticed Mr. Betz failed to mentions the corruption and thievery by members of the Shamokin Area School Board in the 1970s while he reminisced of the Democratic take over.

All grown up

Excuse me, I'm sorry about Leo Mirolli, but he was an adult when he committed those crimes and it has been years and years that he has had time, as this wonderful person that he is, to pay for them. Let him pay the bills before he decides he is going run for any kind of office. I'm not putting a lid on anything.

Trust buster

To the Mount Carmel teachers: When your union is going to be busted, you can blame nobody else but yourselves for getting greedy on the money in these hard times. It is coming. It happened to other unions and your big union is going to be busted, too.

Day to remember

I want to say thank you to everyone who has helped make the Trevorton Fall Festival one to remember. The generosity, beautiful weather and entertainment equals one amazing day. Also, a big shout-out to Zerbe Township Supervisor Mike Mazer for being such a wonderful person and such a big help.

Officer Splane

I really enjoy reading Sound Off in The News-Item every day, and today you gave me a real chuckle. Seems that some people living in Raspberry Hill think that "Jerry" was hired as a Shamokin police officer. I thought it was the police responsibility to check car inspections and tags. I think it's funny that now people up there not only think that he is on the county drug task force, but also that he is on our city police force. I hope they give him a nice police cruiser.

Light 'em up

This message is for all emergency personnel, including police officers, firefighters and EMS: Pennsylvania Code Chapter 31, Section 3105 requires (not suggests) that audible and visual signals must be used in order to be afforded the privilege of disregarding regulations (i.e., running red lights, speeding). It is not at your discretion. If you are disregarding driving rules, you must use your lights and siren. If you are not actively responding to an emergency, you are not permitted to speed or run traffic lights.