Jerk in chief

About Obamacare, he is forcing people to do things they don't want to do. He wants to be the first American dictator telling people what to do. They ought to revolt against this jerk.

People rule

Despite what the Democrats and Obama are doing to restrain the economy and put more people on welfare and food stamps, the economy and stock market are moving ahead. The people rule, thank God.

Fiscally responsible

I agree with "Pockets lined." The current GOP dogma is that aid for the poor is a disincentive to work, but tax cuts, subsidies and bonuses are necessary as incentives for the rich to work, spend and invest. Many "fiscally responsible" people seem to believe that in 2007-08, suddenly millions of people who had been working all their adult lives decided that they could live very nicely on food stamps and unemployment benefits.

Atlas dump

I live in Atlas and I pass the park every other day. The lot is nothing but a mess. There is a big boat falling apart, a beat-up car, half of a camper and a beat-up garage. It is really bad. I think the code officer and the supervisors should look into this.

Show respect

Am I the only one who notices that when people address President Obama they address him as Mr. Obama? I have never heard any president addressed as Mr. even when they left office. Why? I think whether you like or dislike him, show respect to the office.

Name change

If Obama don't like the Washington Redskins, I think the Redskins should change their name to the Washington Anti-Obamas. I think they would get a lot more play time.

Open your wallet

I see where Mr. Mirolli lost. I hope the people in Northumberland County will make sure he pays his bill. It is not fair to the others who have to pay. So, come on, Mr. Mirolli. Open your wallet, not your mouth.

This is the end

Thanks for printing my note about being lonely because my wife is on Facebook. I do need that beer. Better yet, after you printed it, my wife was on Facebook and, lo and behold, her best friend came over and said this has to be about you. Let's go for a beer. The marriage is over. The fat lady is singing.

In the stars

In regards to "Star search," if this woman would contact Quality Print in Sunbury they have the strips for the stars.

Star found

This is for the lady looking for the star paper. Tell her to go online at Pennsylvania German Folk Art Papers and she will be able to find it there. It is $7. I would also like a refresher course on making them. I do have the paper.

More stars

I would like to answer the question for the person who is looking for the star paper. It is the Pennsylvania German Folk Art Papers. The phone number is 610-779-8423.

Through the never

I never unblocked my phone number to call Sound Off, so to get my phone number you would have to be in the NSA.

Thoughts and prayers

Dear Jenna: As an avid animal lover who has lost many pets, I can truly say your pain is in my heart. Really, if your pet is terminally ill, the humane thing to do would be to have him euthanized. It is cruel to keep a suffering animal alive. I know it is one of the most difficult decisions you'll ever have to make, but it is the humane one. I always remember a comforting phrase and I quote: "We bury our pets in our hearts, not in the ground." You and Salem are in my thoughts and prayers.

The warning

This is a warning for a neighbor. Next time I look out my window and see you reaching over the fence and throwing poison on my plants out in the back of my yard, I will personally come out and break every finger on both of your hands. You'll never do it again. Frog's take: I hope this is what you said to the person, not just in a Sound Off call. Or maybe everybody does read Sound Off?