After school

Your children are your responsibility. A teacher gets 40 minutes a day to try to teach them something. Then they test them on it. Then the parent sees the test scores. How well your child does in school has a lot more to do with the time you spend and decisions you make from 3 p.m. until bedtime. If your kid is not overachieving in school, but spends those hours on video games, TV and the Internet, that is your fault, not the teachers.

Better than you

I have no idea who the person is complaining about parking. I just find it appalling that they think their neighbors should live, park and act in a way they see fit, then call them inconsiderate. Like they are more important or have a right to dictate another's actions.

Sour grapes

I've been a Red Tornado fan for many years. I find it very disturbing that the calls to Sound Off seem to be gloating over Southern's defeat to Old Forge. There has been no complaining from the players, coaches and fans from Southern. I'm sure the majority of fans in the area were rooting for the Tigers who have represented our region well over the years, but, as always, the cynics get the publicity.

Safe home

So this guy, Mr. Splane, goes up to the Raspberry Hill to check on the place to make sure it's safe and secure at all hours of the day and night and he gets criticized? Unbelievable. Because he does this, a few people have to put curtains on their windows. Oh, boo-hoo! Also, shouldn't everyone be asked what business they have in the high rise before we just let everyone walk through the building? I think the people should be praising Mr. Splane rather than causing him trouble.

Laughing stock

It is so sad when we elderly people here at the high rise can't even enjoy what few pleasures we have left in life without becoming the laughing stock of the town. Because of one irresponsible board member and some of his cronies, no one wants to come live here anymore. Isn't there anyone out there who would give us some of their time to serve as a board member? We need some young people's help. Please think about it.

Bet the farm

I will bet my house and car that the callers complaining about the complaints in Sound Off never even see The News-Item headline on the front page in their rush to locate Sound Off for those complaints.

Make believe

There is that word "recuse" again. Even the pretend judges get to use it.

Winter is coming

Happy holidays to the people who complain about decorating early before Thanksgiving. I am all decorated, but I don't turn my lights on until after Thanksgiving. So have fun decorating in the cold, ice and snow.

Made my point

I guess I made my point of how inconsiderate people can be. I am done with this subject. You won't hear from me anymore about it. I guess you just can't argue with stupid. You'll never win.

Young spuds

In response to the saying if the student hasn't learned, the teacher hasn't taught. There is also another saying: If you plant a potato, you get a potato.

Sitting pretty

The major cause of bankruptcy in the United States is the inability to pay medical bills. To advise young people to remain uninsured means we pay for their care and they become indebted for years. I suspect the person offering that very poor advice sits comfortably with full medical coverage.


I hope all the employers of minimum wage workers make sure they have some additional compensation for working on Thanksgiving.

By his cover

In judging on how people will behave in the future, you need only to look at their past. George Zimmerman is a perfect example.