Three dimes down

I feel a person should have to test negative for nicotine, alcohol and illicit drugs before they get that welfare check. If you need to indulge in wasteful habits, it shouldn't be on the taxpayer's dime.


Another holiday season and I see the picture of Santa Claus and the volunteers from the Salvation Army ringing in the season. It is really getting cold. There is no reason they can't go right inside the door there at Wal-Mart.

Quite a scene

Why is the Mount Carmel athletic director always on the field when he should be behind the scenes?

Game of shells

The News-Item, to their credit, has slowly been peeling back the layers of the onion called the city budget. Milbrand and Rhoades are putting the brakes on before approving any non-union raises. Bartos has floated the idea he could use 3 percent of grant administration money to boost his salary - grant monies that are still our taxpayer dollars. Don't Rozinskie and Strausser understand this shell game?


Pennsylvania lawmakers' salaries are scheduled to increase by 2.2 percent for 2013. Most lawmakers will refuse the raise due to the recession. City Clerk Steve Bartos has scheduled himself a 21 percent increase for 2013. He feels entitled to accept it, distressed city, and recession, or not. The courts would need to be wearing blinders to grant the city a 5 mil increase.

In distress

According to the budget vote story, the projected group benefits for elected and non-union city employees in 2013 is $121,900 dollars. While Bartos is throwing up a smokescreen that HIPPA laws prevent him from breaking out the cost of premiums, the total divided by nine recipients is an average $13,400. In what other "distressed" third class city are outrageous benefits handed out like that?

Getting by

Here's why you shouldn't shop at Wal-Mart (on Black Friday or ever) until they change some things: they pay their employees so little and charge so much for health care that their employees actually have to rely on welfare and food stamps to get by - this while the Walton's (Wal-Mart owners) wealth equals that of the lowest 42 percent of all American households combined.

Pocket liners

I see Gov. Corbett wants to privatize the Lottery in Pennsylvania. Just when we had something in Pennsylvania that is good for us, now they want to privatize it so they can fill their own pockets and give it to someone overseas.

Feline fur

Could anybody out there tell me what is going on with Hillary Clinton's hair lately? She looks like she has a wet cat on her head. There is a women with all the money in world and she looks like that. I don't understand.

General specific

Get your head out of the rose garden. The president made a general statement in the rose garden about terrorism. He was blaming it on a video. The president should be impeached for not protecting the citizens of the United States.