Rap it up

I want to know why there are no rap stations on the Shamokin network. It is bogus. We should get some more rap stations. We need some more culture in the area.

In opposition

In five years the stock market has doubled, the deficit has been cut in half, our major enemies have been killed, two wars have ended and, within the year, 40 million uninsured will have health care. All done while suffering tremendous opposition.

Crying shame

I can't believe our idiotic governor is going to wait two more months with this Lottery. He has already wasted $3.4 million of the taxpayers' money. Just think of what that could have been used for instead of the waste that he is doing. It is a shame that he is being allowed to do what he is doing.


The Republicans were against Roosevelt's Social Security plan in 1935, they were against Johnson's Medicare program in the '60s and now they are against the Affordable Care Act today. Social Security and Medicare are two of the government's best run programs. So let the Affordable Care Act be.

The view

Frog, I am really not happy with you right now. I called in to you a few days ago and you did not put any one of my calls in. You need to start going from both sides of the aisle, brother. If you want people to keep reading and keep calling in, you need to put everyone's views out there. Frog's take: Not happy with me? Get in line, son.

Bottom feeder

A frog doesn't hesitate to cause a splash to obtain subsistence. Tadpoles live on the bottom sucking slim off the bottom. Frog's take: And what do tadpoles eventually become?

Real America

Sen. Ted Cruz is not a real American. Frog's take: You know who is a real American? Rocky Balboa!


What kind of a wacko parent would file suit in order to force a school district to allow their daughter on a boys wrestling team? I hope the line Mountain School Board digs in and fights this until the very end.

How wonderful

Thank goodness all this nonsense in Centralia is over. Now I don't have to pick up the paper and read how wonderful everything is up there. They can just live their lives at the taxpayer expense. I don't agree with this giving them two hundred thousand dollars in addition to their property. That is ridiculous. At least the fact is I am going to outlive all of them, so I will get to see Centralia plowed to the ground.

No small miracle

I experienced a miracle. Obama hasn't blamed Bush for the health care roll out debacle.

By the people

If all the people who called in about change would go out and vote on Tuesday, there would be change. It is going to take the people to do it. Be positive. Vote on Tuesday.

Meat plow

It has long been know that over-consumption of meat causes cancer and heart disease. First it was pink slime and now it is chicken manure. What other disgusting waste is the government allowing us to eat?

Dig that hole

I can't believe that the seven families in Centralia are going to get $218,000 for their homes. The whole town ain't worth that much..