Painted parade

I am calling about the woman with the old cans of paint. I had the same problem a few years ago. I called the EPA in Williamsport and they said liquid paint has a substance that cannot go into a landfill, but if you fill the paint can with kitty litter or oil dry to absorb the paint, it then can go into a landfill.

On target

I like the cartoon in the paper with Bartos about right on target. Those guys up there on city council are getting to be a real bunch of clowns the way they are spending money. Buying leather furniture for a lounge? It is unbelievable. Maybe they will raise the parking meters another quarter.

Flood plans

After reading the $17,000 furniture deal on the front page of the paper, I think you can put in an extra edition for the next week for 12 pages of Sound Off. You better get ready for the flood of calls.

Path to freedom

Since the election has shown the emerging power of the Hispanic vote, I think we have heard the last of the electrified fences. Now we will have a reasonable pathway to citizenship: inclusion of the dreamers and lots of English classes, as we did for other immigrants.

Gloom and doom

Every day I read Sound Off, and there are people who have developed a gloomy perspective. Most often this gloom and doom comes form one network. Perhaps if people gathered their information from a variety of sources they would not feel so bad. The more points of view you have, the better off you are.

Money for nothin'

City OKs leather sofas for $17,000? Wow, I can't even afford a leather sofa. One week the city is in dire straits and the next week they have so much money they don't know how to spend it.

One-stop shop

I am calling to agree with the person who called about Geisinger. They are the Wal-Mart of the health care field. They are sucking up everything and pretty soon we will have nowhere else to go. Why are they allowing Geisinger to do this?

Peter, Paul & Steve

As a contributor to the library fund, I resent the fact that Mr. Bartos thinks that it is all right to rob Peter to pay Paul. What is wrong with wooden benches?

Team noble

Why doesn't the city take Bartos' $9,000-plus raise and use it toward the Shamokin Street tear-down project? The average person probably gets less than 50 cents an hour raise if they are lucky. I think the noble thing to do is refuse that large of a raise. You sure can tell where some people's priorities are.

A fairy tale?

Fools and little children believe in monster government. They believe in Santa Claus. Our bloated federal government and Santa have much in common. Both promise "free" stuff. Thinking people realize that a "free" lunch is an illusion.

Not while driving

Last week I was stopped behind a guy on his cell phone at a red light at the corner of Market and Independence streets. The light was green, and he continued to just sit there and talk away. When the light turned red, he pulled out and went through the red light. I think all talking and texting on cell phones while driving needs to be ended.

Secession recession

So, you want secession, Texas? I guess that means you'll have to start with an income tax, since you don't have one. Someone's going to have to pay for all the stuff the federal government covers now. And how about Social Security? Medicare?

Four on four

We've got four more years of Obama. I don't want four more years in Sound Off. Also, you were the worst basketball player ever to come out of St. Ed's. Frog's take: You'll get no argument from me on that point. I only played two years and I hated every second of it.

Arc lights

What is wrong with the city of Shamokin that they don't have arc lights in Shamokin at night? Two and three blocks of lights are out at a time. Aren't they concerned?