Thank you

This is in regards to the person who said remember your paper carrier. I wanted to say thank you because it is really cold in the morning.

United we stand

Since 1776, our greatest accomplishments have come when we have pulled together and worked as a united country. That is what is required of us now.


Hey, "More than one:" I am a Catholic, and you are the hypocrite for coming down on my religion.

Never misses

Jenna, great column this week as always. I never miss your column. Keep up the good work.

Tell me something

Karl Rove's Super PAC raised and spent more than $1 billion from rich donors to try to elect Mitt Romney and many other conservative candidates. Can someone please tell me why they can donate millions to political campaigns, but refuse to pay taxes?

Wonderful world

I would like to thank all of the first responders for coming to the aide of the families living in Mount Carmel. If everyone cooperated and got along like they do, the world would be a wonderful place.

Electoral nonsense

Frog, your comment to "Not a penny" in Thursday's Sound Off made me ponder something: I just wonder what the results of the election would have been if only taxpayers were allowed to vote. We know that welfare and food stamp recipients do not pay taxes on this "income." The majority of the electoral votes in each state came from the major cities (Chicago, New York, Philadelphia, Detroit, etc.). Coincidence? I think not.

Top gear

You people in the passing lane going up Route 61 past Palmer's Diner that cut off to 901: One of these days you are going to cause a serious accident.


A couple months ago, the city was complaining that their finances were low and they needed more money. Now they are going to give a $9,350 raise to Steve Bartos and a 3 percent salary increase to the police officers and the public works committee employees. What did they do? Hit the lottery?

Ship out

So 50 hours of community service was enough for a 17-year-old freshman who literally terrorized 1,800 students during the bomb scare? Now our dear little girl is in jail for allegedly stabbing her boyfriend. What a disgrace. The best thing you can do with this girl is ship her back to Baltimore. Frog's take: Yes, looks like she may have ruined her second chance.

Red county

I see Northumberland County voted for Mitt Romney. It shows that we do have morals and want the best for little babies and the average person. Maybe that is why we were spared Sandy, the great storm.

Smoke joke

That pictured you had in the paper the other day with the Glen Burn burning, that wasn't it. That is Binsack up there hiding. "Something smokin' in Shamokin." What a joker. Frog's take: Who knew Narnia was so close?

Years of material

Well, I guess Greg Maresca didn't try hard enough. We got four more years of Obama. I guess that will give him four more years of Obama articles in the paper.

Free is for me

My heart is broken over Obama's win. Our country's unemployment rate is so far up, we are going deeper in debt. Obama won the election, I would think, because of the handouts, and those people voted for Obama.