Jingle bells

Does anybody know if the LATS bus is going to go to the Susquehanna Valley Mall between now and Christmas? Please put it in the paper if you do know. I haven't had any luck calling their office.

Rolling around

I am calling as a mother of graduates from Line Mountain. I can't understand those parents wanting their daughter to wrestle with the boys; I just think that is so ridiculous. I would not want any of my girls or granddaughters rolling around on the floor with boys.

Passing the buck

Masser and Culver are approving a House transportation bill that is essentially going to raise our gas prices 30 cents and they have the audacity to say it is well spent money. The transportation industry is not going to absorbed that cost; they are going to pass that cost on to the consumer. It is not only the extra $5, $10, $15, $30 dollars a week we are going to be spending on gas, it is also the increase in the cost of goods.

Spare change

Say it ain't so. The "Obaminator" lied about the unemployment numbers at the time of the election. So much for hope and change. Change the numbers.

Stooge central

As a taxpayer in Northumberland County, I am appalled at the behavior of these three commissioners. They can't even decide or vote on a budget. A lot of county agencies are not going to be able to provide the vital services to this county if they don't get their act together.

Bad gas

I wonder if Corbett is going to continue to run for re-election next year on his "I-will-not-raise-taxes" platform. Get ready, all you drivers and car owners, he just gave Pennsylvania the highest gas tax state in the nation. We need highways and bridges repaired, but how about making the gas companies pay for it and not the working folks?

Backyard tire dump

This call is for the Shamokin code officer. Take care of this tire dump up here on Bunker Hill in a residential neighborhood.

Double trouble

I see where the Republicans passed this highway bill. Now we will have four people standing around holding shovels instead of two. As long as they fix the roads and bridges, that would be a good idea, but I don't think they will.

No uproar

I agree with the comments about Northwestern Academy. I can't figure out why the community is not in an uproar about what is going on up there.

Let her wrestle

After reading today's Shamokin paper concerning whether or not the girl should be allowed to play on the wrestling team, she gave more intelligent testimony than the professionals from Line Mountain. It is pretty evident she ought to be allowed to wrestle.

Paid in full

This is about the parking situation. I have license plates I paid for and insurance I paid for. I can park anywhere I want. You park around the corner!

Free market barbarian

This isn't the first time that Nicole Faraguna wrote an opinion advocating socialism and the elimination of personal freedoms. If you want a fix for health care, just for starters, pass tort reform and allow interstate insurance competition. Nothing lowers the prices and raises quality better than a free market system.

Trust issues

I want to say that I think the Northumberland County commissioners better watch their p's and q's. It was on the news last night that Lackawanna County got rid of theirs. I hope it is a catching trend. It would put an end to all the stupidity, fighting and lawsuits. In Lackawanna, they said they did not trust these people anymore.

All aglow

Thank you to the Shamokin Area School District for finally putting lights on out in the student parking lot. It is so nice to come out at night and see where you are going.

Boys club

I am more concerned about the boys who are expected to wrestle a girl. Will they hold back so they don't hurt her or will they be afraid to try a move because it is not appropriate? If she is counting on that in order to win, that is not fair.

Parking in public

Concerning the parking problem. It is a public street and I can park wherever I want. Why don't you use your empty garage? Learn how to walk. It is good for you.

Already implemented

Several Sound Off callers indicated health insurance companies are lobbying against the Affordable Care Act when in fact they have negotiated with the president's team and already have implemented many of the changes. They are ready for full implementation as soon as the website is fully functioning. To change things now would cost them millions. They have prepared for thousands of new customers.