Under control

The insurance companies are against the Affordable Care Act because it will give people better insurance at a better price, and they will not be able to control the people's health. Frog's take: So now the government does? Well, that is certainly reassuring!.

Bad advice

I am calling about the Sound Off call "Dark souls" for the lighting situation at the Shamokin Area High School student parking lot. I would like to recommend that whoever the caller was should call the City of Shamokin for some street light advice and how to fix that.

Life's a gas

Here we go again, the taxpayer is going to get penalized. Politicians in Harrisburg want to put an increase of sales tax on the gas to pay for the highway repair projects. Again, the taxpayers pay for everything. Why don't they close down the turnpike commission and merge it with PennDOT to save a couple million of dollars instead of living off the backs of the taxpayers? Next election, let's get rid of all those politicians in Harrisburg and put new ones in.

Zip it

If someone has to target shoot in freezing, windy temperatures at 10 o'clock in the morning, they are not all together zipped up, and I don't mean clothing-wise.

Tone deaf

You people in the upper end of the 1500 block of West Walnut Street, are you deaf? Your dogs have been barking and barking. I don't want to have to call the cops but, my God, it is ridiculous.

Fit to be tied

Not one of the Democratic senators in Washington is worthy to tie Ted Cruz's shoelaces.

Bonus tracks

The president is sorry, he had to improve your old health insurance policy to make sure it included things like abortion, sex-change surgery, drug rehab and maternity coverage for women over 50, and how many others thing we didn't know we needed.

Profits of doom

Let's look at President Obama's good friend and supporter Warren Buffet. He made $5.05 billion in one quarter this year. That is only three months, or 90 days. That is $56 million a day in profit.

Take a risk

It was sad to see in the paper once again that Shamokin is taking another blow because of people who don't want to take a risk for the area to make it beautiful. The plight of the American Legion building is really sad. Raise the taxes so you have a nice area instead of another dilapidated building. This is why the town is going downhill because no one wants to go that extra mile and take a risk.

Dog tired

I am calling in response to the dog that was beaten in the park. You have the right to take that dog and report the owner who is abusive. I would do that. I would call anyone I could to get in touch with to report that person who abused that dog. It is not the dog's fault for getting out; it is the owner's. A lot of people should not be animal owners.

Absolute zero

The Obamacare website is a total failure because an administration with zero private-sector experience utilized people with zero private-sector experience. The stock market will crash no matter how much money they print.