Night of music

I wish you could all have seen and heard the fantastic performance given by the Shamokin Area High School chorus and chorale. The students, under the direction of Mary Anne Stump, not only sang beautifully, but were very humorous. Standing "O" to all of you! There's one more concert, 7 p.m. May 17. It is the pops concert with the band, orchestra and chorus. Put down your remote and come out to the school for a great night of music.

Get it right

Walter Brasch needs to get his facts correct before he writes his liberal viewpoint on the Boy Scouts of America. Brasch cited in his article that "the United Methodist Church - which sponsors 364,000 Scouts - has no restrictions against gays as members or as ministers." He is decidedly wrong. He should have referred to the United Methodist Book of Discipline, Article 4, paragraph 304.3, which states, "Therefore self-avowed practicing homosexuals are not to be certified as candidates, ordained as ministers or appointed to serve in the United Methodist Church."

Hanging tree

To you gun control crazies: Think about it rationally for a second. Why would you blame a gun manufacturer or a gun for a child shot by another child? Let's put the blame where the blame is due, the parents, who left the ammo in the gun. Do you blame the car manufacturer when someone is killed in a car accident or even a suicide by auto? No you wouldn't. Would you blame a knife manufacturer for a stabbing? No you wouldn't. Would you blame a rope manufacturer for a hanging? No you wouldn't.

Other people's problem

I am calling about the dropping off of the dogs. I feel if you can't take care of the dogs or you can't afford them, I see nothing wrong with dropping the animals off on the side of the road. An animal is just that - an animal. They are born to survive in the wild. When I was a kid, we used to watch my neighbors drown litters of unwanted pups in water. I think dropping them off is much better. Frog's take: Sure, and then they become everyone's else's issue except the person who is supposed to take care of them.

Just saying

If it wasn't for the misguided Republicans, Obama would be able to spend a lot more of our taxes on longer vacations, abortions, benefits for illegal aliens and common sense laws that erode our freedoms. Just saying. Frog's take: Please, I think we can all agree that that is enough with saying, "just saying."