Lawyer fees

The news is the 19-year-old bomber in the hospital has four lawyers. Who is picking up his bill?

Not the one

I am calling in response to the "Great example" call a few days ago. I am one of two females running for Mount Carmel Borough Council. As the caller stated, there was a female driving through the recreation grounds during a baseball game on a four-wheeler. I wish you would have been more specific because I wasn't the one. Frog's take: Well, then, that clears it up.

Semper Fi

This is in reference to the stuff they are kicking up about Benghazi again. When all this burning and shooting was going on, where was the Marine detachment that was supposed to be assigned to the embassy?

Honorable man

Charles Shuey is an honorable man and a retired police officer who probably continues to work like the rest of us who are retirement age to pay bills in this terrible economy. Whoever wrote that anonymous, offensive call should know that there are many lazy people who work the system instead of working at a job.

Search for truth

This is for the caller who said that Rita Campbell can explain creation and eternity. I don't believe Rita Campbell can and I don't believe her book that she reads can. Like Socrates said, nobody will be able to explain the miracle of birth and the mystery of death. Science is the search for truth and one day may have the answers. Until then, let's make an effort to live in harmony with each other, nature and the planet.

Skeletons in the closet

Oh, those pesky skeletons that keep showing up all over the world that predate the Bible by thousands of years.

Political irony

Ah, the political irony. Darrell Issa votes against funding for increased security at embassies and then holds hearings about how poorly they are protected. Mark Sanford votes to impeach Clinton for marital infidelity and then runs off with his mistress.


Freedom of the press? Baloney! All the newspapers and all the TV networks except Fox are lapdogs for Obama and the Democrats. They give us letters to the editor, op-ed columns and Sound Off columns but control how the important news is reported. If we had a Republican president, the Benghazi hearings would be in the headlines. The news media wants Hillary Clinton as the next president.

Mother's Day blessing

Blessed is the mother who lets the Lord be her guiding hand, whose faith brings her family courage, whose wisdom comes from God and whose children still stand and honor her. Happy Mother's Day.


With all due respect to the "Elephant man" Sound Off, to equate this jerk with an animal is absolutely degrading to the animal. I have a better name for him but Froggy won't print it.

Bang, zoom

I am old enough to remember the old "Honeymooners" show when Ralph takes one dog back to the pound and comes home with six because the next day is their last day. They get put to sleep that day. Now we are so far behind that our homeless strays are suffering. We need stricter animal-control laws, spaying and neutering. Check sometime how many kittens one female cat can have in a lifetime. You will be amazed.