We all benefit

Anyone who has an IRA or a retirement account benefits from the exploding stock market. The wealthy are surely getting wealthier, which should make them happy, but any of us with any investments are benefitting, too.

Blown wide open

I hope all gun owners saw the picture of Hillary Clinton in the paper, mouth wide open and carrying on about how Americans should not be allowed to own guns and suggesting that the Second Amendment should be restricted. Don't forget her come 2016.

Be proud

Hats off to Southern Columbia High School. Their band and chorus concert was great. The students can be proud of the directors Mr. Joel Thomas and Mrs. Stone for the time and effort they put into his great concert. I hope this will continue.

Unrequited dreamer

Is it possible to fall in love with someone that you never met? Well, I think I am in love with Jenna. She is so straight forward and has many of the same values as me, but I am a lot older. Yes, I have some of that salt and pepper look that she loves. Well, just call me a dreamer and keep up the good work, Jenna, from your secret admirer.

Cracker jack badge

I am calling about the article in Thursday's Sound Off titled 'More cops." Well, it seems to me like you are the one that should be wearing a badge.

Clean holes

I just saw the street sweeper going by. Isn't that funny? We are going to have nice, clean potholes.

Black holes

There are two potholes leading into the entrance of the Plaza at Coal Township across the road from Walmart. I understand that a shopper's car sustained front end damage. They are looking at a lawsuit if they don't get these holes filled. Frog's take: They aren't potholes, they are gorges! I peered into one and saw a Sherpa leading several lost shoppers out of it. They may or may not have been riding donkeys.

Value of life

When Reagan was president, an embassy was attacked and 60 were killed. While Bush was in the White House, at least four embassies were attacked and many lives were lost. Where were the investigations then? Every life has value to someone.

No manners

I don't know who said gay is the new in thing, but I don't think so. Being a responsible parent is the in thing. The thing that seems to be out of style is manners. Very few times do you see any kids with manners, even adults. It is all about "me" now. Guess what, guys? The world isn't about you.


What a refreshing story of the student that donated much of his own money to charity. When we constantly read about teens stealing or using money for drugs it is nice to see there are young people who are so kind and giving. God bless him and his parents for raising such a fine young man and thank you to The News-Item for covering such nice stories.

Saw the light

I am calling to defend our teachers. In the beginning, I was on everyone else's side bashing them. Now, being married to a teacher, I see the inside of the school. She is not only my wife, but my idol. Can you imagine watching over 20-plus kids everyday and buying all of them pencils, pens, erasers, tablets, folders and other supplies out of your own pocket without being reimbursed? No raise for over a year, maybe two or three. So instead of bashing our teachers, how about thanking them instead?

In the meantime

I'm all for extending unemployment as long as the free loaders on welfare, HUD, food stamps and free medical get the boot. There should also be a time limit put on these items as well. There has to be a point where these people grow up and take responsibility for their lives and the families they created. I have a neighbor getting free everything and her companion lives there and her father lives there. In the meantime, both of these men are working and taking away from people who truly need these things.

Garden gnomes

I know some of your readers are avid gardeners and maybe you can help me. Are there a lot of buds getting eaten off their stuff in their yard this spring? It is sure happened to me. I think maybe since that horrible last snow we had it did something with the animals.

Pearls before swine

I don't agree with your opinion that this news story showed Shamokin in a bad light. I think it could have been more harsh. It could have shown the lowlifes that have no ambition in life sitting and waiting for the mailman every month. They could have shown the chiselers that have money for beer and cigarettes but not to pay their taxes. They did show Shamokin in its true light. Remember, you can put lipstick on a pig, but it is still a pig.

Last action hero

Let the gloom and doomers wallow in negativity. That gets us nowhere. Action comes from positivity. Two wars are ended, the economy is improving, the ACA is providing scholarships for mid-level providers and more jobs will be created to care for the newly insured. The weekend edition of The News-Item had many job opportunities in the classifieds. Spring is here. Let's root for success.

Judgement day

I would like to comment on the "Needy or greedy" comment. You have got to be kidding me that you are that bored with your life that you were thinking about what those women were doing. Maybe they were in town with nothing to do until the food bank opens. It sounds like you have no idea what it's like to be needy and you pass judgement on those who are. You need a reality check.

Take a hike

I agree with the guy that has been camping, hunting and hiking on these grounds around here for more than 30 years and then all of the sudden he has to pay for it.

In someone's pocket

There are 535 newly elected figures in Washington, 435 in the Congress and 100 in the Senate. You better believe that every one of them has been bought and paid for by someone.

Wild ride

I would just like to say that it is a shame that a few inconsiderate people have to ruin it for everybody else. The Mount Carmel Public Library was forced to close the bathroom about two months because some inconsiderate person continues to make a mess in there. It is a shame that everyone has to suffer.

Got nothing

Whoever is talking about Masser and unemployment, Mr. Masser has nothing to do with the federal extension. Go after people like Tom Marino and the Republican House of Representatives people. They are the ones that are against it. Masser has nothing to do with it.

Fan the flags

I am a flag fanatic and I would like to thank the Mount Carmel post office and the Mount Carmel Elks for replacing their flags with new ones. Some of these other places really break my heart.

Stray cat strut

Give me a break! Rick Bozza must have a personal vendetta against cats. He must have been born and raised a cat hater. Cats that are used to roaming can't be made indoor cats now. Shamokin has no more cats than any other town. Just because Northumberland did, doesn't mean we have to do it. It is cruel. Frog's take: I assure you he does not have a personal vendetta against cats. He is just trying to do his job.

Down a peg

Everyone knows that the committee pushing for the Benghazi investigation is nothing but a Republican political trick to downgrade Hillary Clinton. They are just wasting taxpayer time and money.