King nothing

I think somebody better reign in President Obama. He thinks he is a king and a celebrity and in control of everything, including our money and the Supreme Court. He is supposed to be a server of the people, not himself.

Cut down

You keep condemning Obama, why not the Republicans? They are the ones cutting that poor man down. Give Obama a chance. He is a good president.

Not a crook

So now Vinny Clausi is trying to impersonate Richard Nixon by erasing tapes and Commissioner Bridy says the reason they want to do it is so that is can't be used as evidence in lawsuits?

Misguided fools

I hope the misguided voters who put Obama in office are now happy, giving a billion dollars to Egypt when our country has an $11 trillion debt and is in the worst condition it has been in since before World War II. Obama is an incompetent, insensitive idiot who ought to be impeached.

Duck, dodge, hide

Is Dodge racing in NASCAR anymore? Someone please answer that for me. Frog's take: Nope, they pulled out.

Dry country

Hundreds of adults and children in the United States are killed by drunk or drugged drivers. Instead of selling our liquor stores, we need to close all our liquor stores, beer outlets, bars and restaurants that sell alcohol. This will save thousands of children's lives and stop most of the spousal and child abuse in our country. To prove my point, just watch "Cops" on TV and see what alcohol and drugs does, and read your newspaper with all the DUIs and alcohol-related accidents that are in the paper. Frog's take: Didn't this country find out a long, long time ago that prohibition doesn't work?

Be kind, rewind

Now we see why Vinny and his puppet want to delete the tapes. He must have said inappropriate things about Kaleta, and now Kaleta has to get a court to stop them. We have been keeping the tapes for decades; they recycle every 5 to 6 years. Vinny destroys his taxpayer-owned hard drive, he can't act appropriately in meetings and now wants to destroy the tapes. Time to bring Vinny down to Earth. Keep the tapes, charges for the hard drive and fired as a commissioner.

99 problems

Ain't it funny how those people in our nation's capital speak "Washingtonese?" For example, transparency means "I'm not going to tell you the truth, but I'll promise that I will." Fiscal cliff translates to, "We have no idea on budget responsibility." And the new buzz word, sequestration, "We better get the heck out of town for a while and hope these money problems cure themselves."

Fool in the rain

Methinks the administration is helping Rand Paul in his relentless effort to make a fool of himself.

As is

This is for all the idiots who keep on blaming President Obama for all the problems. Think of it this way: When you buy a used car and it breaks down weekly, who is to blame, you or the previous owner who had no idea how to maintain and keep the vehicle running properly?

No resting

Do not rest your case. The Republicans do not want to cut Medicare and Social Security; they want to reform it. For you misinformed Democrats and other people in the area who don't know what reform means, look it up in the dictionary. It will not survive without reform.

Think about donations

I can't understand why people in this area donate their used items to thrift shops run by private individuals who are in it for a profit. Wouldn't their things be better off going to places like the Salvation Army and Goodwill who use the profits to help other people? Think about what you are doing before you donate to private thrift shops or the yellow tag people. Read the slip provided by the yellow tag people. They are in it for a profit.

Half a chance

If Northumberland County, the state of Pennsylvania and the U.S. government want to save money, maybe they should lay off half of their workers and put the other half to work. Frog's take: It's easy to criticize, but there are a lot of hard working government employees.

Shopping spree

I see where the Obama administration, meaning President Obama, is giving $1 billion to Egypt. $1 billion. Yet, they are trying to cut funding here in this country.

Pony up

In my opinion, to help this country's budget, first we should eliminate giving money that we don't have to other countries, place a higher tax on all the greedy CEOs who move all their manufacturing overseas, put an end to welfare for those who are able to work and eliminate all the ACCESS cards and benefits for the parents of illegitimate children. It is about time the people in this country accept responsibility for their own actions.

Good old days

I would just like to say I would like to go back to the days when everybody worked in town and everybody spent their money in town.

Bless this mess

It is time to clean up this mess with the junk yard in town. The city officials should make one phone call to our new attorney general and she'll tell them what to do. Close it down.

Get a k-job

This is for all those Shamokin people getting freebies: Go to Knoebels and get a job. They pay a nice wage.