Job creation

To create jobs in our area, we ought to go on seven-hour shifts like New Jersey and New York did. With seven hours a day, you have to have two shifts. That would create quite a few jobs in our area.

Look around

This is to all the Belfanti bashers in our area: Please leave the man alone. Just look around your area and see all the wonderful things, the wonderful jobs and everything else that he did for our area. He is, after all, a politician.

Day to day

My, my, my. The haters vacillate from day to day. One day, the president is a king and a dictator, the next day, he is a weakling. If it were up to them, we would be at war in Syria, Iran, Libya and now Russia.

Further down

I see where China is going to boost its defense budget by 12.2 percent. Our defense budget used to be around 10 percent. Now we are down to around 4 percent, and President Obama wants to reduce that even further so he can give money to the social welfare programs.

Night shift

All those guys working at Second Street by Turkey Hill, can't they do that at night? I have been late for work five times out of the last 10 days due to all the traffic in the mornings at all the intersections. It is terrible in Shamokin. Frog's take: Here's a hot tip: Leave for work a little earlier. Besides, I'm sure the neighbors would love it if they worked at night.

Keep it hid

Today Obama announced yet another day in the implementation of his health care law ahead of next year's mid-term elections. This plan is so bad that he has to hide its effects until after the elections. That should tell the American people something.

Bird brains

Mr. Frog, or should I say Professor Frog, I got a great idea to save the taxpayers a lot of money: Give the eighth-graders bachelor of arts degrees and the 12th-graders, give them master's degrees. Look at the money they would save. They are all going to be bird brains; you know that. Frog's take: That's Mister Doctor Professor Frog to you, kind sir! Now, good day!

Started a joke

Why does the person think they have to plow the roads to the cemetery for them to walk their dogs? When you go to the cemetery to visit and you step in dog poop, it isn't funny when you take it back into your car.

Space for this

To all you people who shovel out your parking space and think you own the street: You do not. It is illegal to put items on the street to save your parking space.

Something for nothing

Why do I have to help pay for a teacher's pension? I work and I have to pay for my own pension. Nobody gives me something for nothing.

Down by law

It is a sad day when the top law enforcement officer of our nation, Eric Holder, with Obama's approval, tells the states not to enforce several laws. But, again, Obama routinely breaks his own laws with delaying Obamacare.

Strike zone

This is to the Line Mountain School Board: If the teachers go on strike, hire new teachers.

I tried

Somebody recommended contacting your representative about the price of oil. Well, I really don't know if that will do any good. What I did do was email the president. I don't know if that will do any good, either, but I tried.