Laugh a minute

In response to "my hero" and "the greatest," I had the best laugh. Keep that humor coming because we certainly need it to get through this crumbling economy.

Big time

For all of you who voted for big regulations/interventions, big entitlements, big taxes, big spending, big debts, big restrictions on religious organizations, etc.: When is big government going to be big enough? Big brother is watching you big time!

Salute resolution

I would just like to say Mr. Bridy just keep up the good work on that Second Amendment. If your other commissioners don't want to go along with something good, they ought to know we are a commonwealth and we have the right to do that. We have the right to have our own army. If they don't want to go on with it, we'll see in the next election.

Can't stop progress

Great news, everyone! I have an interview. The job pays a dollar less than what I was making 20 years ago. I am so excited.

No country club

I read in the paper where Bridy thinks we need to build a new jail. Yo bud, they are in jail. It is not a country club. Things aren't supposed to be so nice in jail.

Crimes pays

We don't need a new prison, we just need laws to prevent lawsuits. Prisoners should lose all rights; take the library and exercise equipment out and hire more guards. In today's world, crime pays.

Already married

There are a lot of men and women who are gay who are married.

Personal thanks

I would like to personally thank Northumberland County Commissioner Stephen Bridy for his efforts to have the county pass a resolution in support of the right to bear arms. Too bad the two other county commissioners couldn't get on board with this.

Nose knows

I am calling about the debate going on in the Supreme Court over gay and lesbian rights to marriage. The question I have is, why is the Supreme Count sticking their noses in to what should be states' rights? Each state has its own constitution and can make its own laws regarding its citizens.

Get a haircut

My husband just came from Roy's Barber Shop in Mount Carmel and he looks like a man with his haircut. I was looking at The News-Item, and some of the men in those pictures look like little boys with their bangs and spitties. What's with them? Men or boys? Get a haircut and grow up.

It must rankle

It must rankle your Republican anti-Obama readers and those who submit comments to Sound Off that he was the second Democratic president to be re-elected since Franklin D. Roosevelt, Bill Clinton being the first. Of course, I know hatred and contempt spew from both parties and "the fringe." If another Democrat is elected for two terms in 2016, the Republicans will be haunted by the prospect of being out of the White House for two decades, just as they were from 1933 to 1953.

Truck inspection

With all these big truck accidents, maybe the Pennsylvania State Polcie should set up safety checkpoints for big trucks and inspect them. If they check the rigs that shouldn't be on the roads, then the accidents will go down with them. There will still be accidents, but they will be with smaller vehicles.

Why the fuss?

Bridy can create all the resolutions and proclamations he wants, but he has to realize the Supreme Court and the federal government take precedence over what his opinion is or anything that is passed in Northumberland County. If the Supreme Court says "this is how we interpret the amendment," that is what will hold true. If the federal government passes an amendment to the Constitution, that will take precedence over anything in Northumberland County. So why waste time, get people riled up and waste taxpayers' dollars having lawyers research this?

Equal rights

I read Jenna Wasakoski's column on gays. They have every right for love and happiness. I wonder how many phone calls she will get disagreeing with her.

Who's O.K.?

Who died and left Jenna Wasakoski an expert in theology or sociology? The "I'm O.K., you're O.K." philosophy to which she subscribes is one of the reasons modern society is as messed up as it is.

Cut the fat

I am from Kulpmont. I am wondering when the Mount Carmel Area superintendent is going to start cutting the fat within the district. There are too many aides and secretaries sitting around watching the clock and not staying busy. I witness this every day in the school. Frog's take: I am wondering if maybe you aren't kept busy enough if you have so much time to watch what others are or are not doing.

Go by the Bible

About Jenna Wasakoski's column about homosexuality: I know many wonderful people who are homosexual, but we have to go by God's law, not man's law. In the Book, they say it's wrong. If the Lord says it's wrong, it's wrong.

News and comedy

An intelligent person just figured it out. You should watch FOX News for comedy and then Colbert and Stewart for the news.