My hero

President Obama is my hero. When in history will there ever be a guy that is for the small guy? That gets up and bats for the small guy? It will always be the rich and powerful, conquering and telling everybody what to do and making the laws and not caring about the poor, not caring about people without insurance. You've got to give the guy credit. He has guts. More guts than any president ever.

Snake oil

It is a proven fact that the Iraq and Kuwait wars were instituted because of their oil. Bush wanted to please Cheney and all the oil lovers, and the excuse is, having their oil would free us from dependency on the Arab nations.

Keep it up

I want to congratulate the sports department for putting something in about the Penn State wrestling. Please keep us abreast.

Political ploy?

I would like to know why that one guy from the AOAA committee would pick Craig Rhoades to be on the committee and help. I thought they weren't going to put any politicians in there?


In reading the reactions to Ashley's story by Sound Off callers, I was stunned by the meanness and intolerance. We are all descendants of immigrants. Frog's take: You shouldn't really have been surprised by that.


Even the very conservative Conference of Catholic Bishops finds the Ryan budget shreds the safety net for the needy and the middle class.

Head of class

I am a male and I just read Jenna Wasakoski's column on Thursday. It was pretty good advice. She has a good head on her shoulders. Go Jenna.

Gas prices

Thank you for the article on the gas prices in the area. One area you neglected to post was Elysburg. Elysburg today is $3.79. I was in Hazleton area yesterday and it was $3.55. I don't understand why the gas prices in Elysburg are 24 cents a gallon more expensive than just a short distance away.

Awesome talent

I am calling to congratulate the kids at Mount Carmel Area High School for the fantastic performance in the show "Grease." What awesome talent by the cast and production crew. The set was incredible, the talent superb. I didn't want it to end. Great job by all.

Pass it along

I just got done reading Jenna Wasakoski's article, "The best is yet to come" and it was fantastic. I really enjoyed reading this article. I feel it is the best one that she has done. I want to go right out and have my 13-year-old grandchild read it. Keep up the good work, Jenna.

Tower of power

I didn't realize that Mount Carmel Borough was considering to allow Verizon to erect a tower in town park. It will be fenced in a 12-by-18-foot area. The borough would be paid $12,000. Please don't let them do this; it would ruin the town park.

Pay it forward

What is going on with this governor of ours wanting to sell everything off to create some fast money? What is going to happen after the money is gone? Just dump everything on the next governor?

County owned

Can someone please tell me what a county-owned property is? There are two in Mount Carmel and they are falling apart, and there is nothing being done about them. I am sure there are more in the area.

No excuses

The recent fire in Mount Carmel set by the two young boys wouldn't have happened if Mount Carmel would have torn down that building, 301 E. Avenue, which was on fire years ago and it sat there as the biggest eyesore ever. Those poor kids were probably going to do that building a favor. Rip it down already. Frog's take: It is still no excuse for their actions. They put themselves and others at risk for nothing.