Got to work it

Everyone is up in arms over the sequester. I welcome it. It doesn't go far enough. We need to keep cutting until government is completely out of our lives. No more cushy government jobs with pensions and health benefits would be a huge step in the right direction. If you don't work, you don't deserve to get a check to sit home and do nothing. The same goes for welfare. You want money? Work for it!

Eyes off prize

When I put my recycling out on the sidewalk, it is intended for pick-up by the city. It is not for you to stand there in the dark with your head lamp on looking through it, and if you do take from it, you are stealing. Next time just keep walking and keep your eyes off my recycling.

Taking advantage

This is to the person who said there is no price tag on a loved one's life. I happen to agree with that. The fact of the matter is, it doesn't give Geisinger the right to charge outrageous prices and rip people off and take advantage of people. That is what we are talking about.

Take a walk

I live in the highrise and it is a great place to live, except for the smokers. Why should we give up the gazebo for the stinky smokers? Let them go outside and away from the building.

Music over my head

While walking my dog this morning, I heard the sound of music to my ears. Four flocks of Canadian Geese entered over the north mountain in Trevorton. Welcome back, feathered friends!

Master splinter

There has been a splintered telephone pole on Mount Carmel Street in Shamokin for four months, held together with tape. Doesn't anybody from the street department have glasses that they can see that this pole is splintered. Four months, mayor. Frog's take: That probably has nothing to do with the street department or the mayor.

Surprise, surprise

I was listening to the radio news saying that the economy is performing under expectation. Surprise, surprise. Reading Kevin Horrigan's communist manifesto on class warfare in Thursday's opinion column makes me wonder why he doesn't take a boat to Cuba.

Bunch of baloney

Why is it with our economy struggling the way it is they keep handing money and everything else out to these other countries and we are paying higher taxes to support that? That is a bunch of nonsense.

Live to regret

I see that a senior White House official told Bob Woodward that he would regret blaming Obama for the sequestration. Woodward, who broke the story of the Watergate break-in, undoubtedly thinks that "Tricky Dick" pales in comparison to Obama.

Spring sighting

I am calling from Wilburton. The geese are starting to fly north. It is Thursday, and I saw two flocks flying north. Hopefully, spring is on its way.

Don't blame hearse

You don't have to ride in an ambulance and you can refuse Life Flight; however, tell me something: If you refuse the sometimes necessary equipment used by the hospital, are you going to refuse the hearse, too? Frog's take: "Well I ain't saying I'm innocent, in fact, the reverse. But if your heading to the grave you don't blame the hearse." - Jack White

Mind your own

Some people think they should stop smoking in all these highrises and housing developments. Well, people who don't live in them shouldn't worry about it, because people have the right to smoke wherever they live. It is their own business. Some people should learn to mind their own business and take care of their own households. Frog's take: People should mind their own business, but we're talking about publicly funded buildings.

Equal opportunity

I see where Congress passed the Violence Against Women Act. I think they should now pass a violence against men act.


Does anyone know where Harper the pup is? I have read in the paper that Harper is blind and needs a lot of care. The paper also said that since that happened nobody wants to adopt her. Can we find out?

Take a ride

Judge Sacavage should take a ride to Shamokin and look around at all the junk. I wonder if he'd like all this stuff in front of his house? I don't think so. It would be gone. I hope he rules against Gilligbauer.