99 times unique

For the past three decades, many of the area's most architecturally beautiful buildings have gone to rack and ruin and have been destroyed. The 99 steps are unique to Shamokin and historically representative of workmanship not easily replicated. I hope they can be preserved.


You people on ACCESS should be thankful you are getting what you are getting and not be rude and ignorant when you are in line at Walmart. People are sick of your nonsense. You know what? We people who are working are eating peanut butter and jelly and you are eating everything else and buying food for your dogs and cats. Get a job already.

City cells

I read with interest the articles about the city cell phones. In the not too distant past, I was part of city government. If I recall correctly, a number of employees had city cells.

Send a message

We can't touch Steve Bartos because he isn't elected, but we certainly can send a message this year to the city council and mayor who give him free reign. He suggests, and they agree. Once they go, the new administration can get rid of him.

Back door tax

We are going to spend $2,000 of taxpayer money to see if SECV will renegotiate their contract with the city. The contract says that SECV pays the city 5 percent for every user of basic cable, and then the cable company adds 5 percent to our bill. So the reality is the cable company doesn't pay the city anything; we pay them a backdoor tax. Why would SECV renegotiate in the second year of 10, unless they were going to pass that fee on to us as well? So why spend the $2,000?

Spreading the disease

That's right, Froggy, the dignity and sanctity of marriage. Stop comparing apples and oranges. The reason for all those divorces in the paper can be laid right at the feet of the disease of liberalism. Judging by your comments, you seem to be infected. Frog's take: I put some topical lotion on it, and it cleared right up.

No time, doing time

All you people crying about the prisoners, don't waste your time. Our lawmakers are too busy making rules and regulations for the law-abiding citizens. They don't have time, and the prisoners don't have anything to give. The lawmakers would rather figure out ways to steal our money; they don't have time to mess with prisoners.