Foul ball

The very same people who support Obama taking the law into his own hands would be the first people crying foul if a Republican was to do the exact same thing.

Out of the park

We strengthened the Taliban and returned an American traitor while a true American hero rots in a Mexican jail. Another home run for Obama.

Open book

I think the letter by Mrs. Farrow was very heartwarming. To come out in the open about her family crisis. You would never think it could happen to such a beautiful family. God bless her and her family.

Bright lights

I see the Coal Township Street department is finally wearing flourescent colors thanks to Sound off and The News-Item. Maybe we just saved someone's life. Thanks again.

Picked apart

I am an overweight senior citizen and thankfully don't need the benefit of God's Chuck Wagon. I would have been embarrassed to tears if it would have been me that you people are picking apart. How pathetic can you get? Shame on you.

Flapping gums

This is for the lady who gave me such a hard time about my dogs in the cemetery this morning: Before you start yelling at someone you might want to make your legs move faster than you lips and see if your complaints are justified. My dogs go to the bathroom in their own yard long before I take them anywhere. If they have an accident in the cemetery I have what I need in my vehicle to clean it up and drive through and pick it up before I leave. They are not allowed to roam free over the graves and they are on a leash at all times, which is more than I can say for most dogs there. I don't allow them to bother anyone and will go out of my way to be sure of it. If you ever approach me again without a justified reason, I assure you, the cops will be checking you out for harassment.


So according to a fellow Sound Off caller (or possibly secret Westboro Baptist Church member), the extreme hail damage to my car was cause by those wily gays. Well, to all the gay folks out there, all I have to say is this: Thanks for your apparent super powers, because my insurance company is going to give me a check for over twice what my car is really worth. Keep up the good work.

History lesson

It seems that some Republicans need a lesson in history. There were more than 500 Guantanamo detainees released or transferred under President Bush. It's amazing how short the government's memory is when it comes to partisanship!

Move on

Republicans have had a difficult time accepting President Obama. Can you imagine if Hillary becomes President how these individuals will react? The days of the "good old boys" are fading away and it's time these changes are recognized. Let's "move on" for the benefit of all Americans.