Speed bumps needed

Something needs to be done about West Fifth Street in Mount Carmel. It is a school zone, 15 mph. They are speeding as if they are on a racetrack. There are small kids in the road and somebody is going to get hurt of killed. They need to install speed bumps.

To the brim

I agree. The coal region certainly is filling up with white trash and every other kind of trash. Most of them are on public assistance. Free housing, free food and clothing, free cell phones, you name it. Everything is instantly available for them, so why work? What a shame for an area that was once inhabited by decent, hardworking people.

Lame excuses

Two of the world's most powerful countries have just humiliated the United States of America. Our president has offered lame excuses that rank right up there with "The dog ate my homework." The U.S. has registered strong objections to Chinese and Russian authorities. It is a shame they don't care.


I think they should do away with the U.S. Supreme Court. Congress makes up laws, the president makes up laws, they pass and the Supreme Court shuts them down. Frog's take: Sure, shred the Constitution even more.

Space cadet

We have the Justice Department tapping the phone records of journalists. We have the IRS targeting certain organizations for harassment. We have a poor economy with no jobs - and what is Barack Obama talking about? Climate change and instituting a national energy tax, which will hurt every working American. He is so far out of touch it is pathetic.

It's a scam!

Whatever happened to acid rain? You don't hear anything of it anymore. Back in the 1970s, you thought your car was going to dissolve the way they carried on. It was caused by the rockets going into space making holes in the ozone. Yeah, right. Same with the gas shortage in the '70s - we're running out of oil, we're running out of oil! Now we're not running out of oil; just a government and corporate ploy to get prices higher. Global warming is just another scam to get energy prices even higher.

Road rage

What's with all this road construction? Everywhere you go they're working. Can't they do one project at a time in one area then move on to another? No, it's two and three projects all at once in the same area. And they wonder why there's road rage.

Glass houses

This call is about Catholics and priests. Christ said let he who is without sin cast the first stone. We are all hypocrites.