Stray cat strut

In every neighborhood in Shamokin there are stray cats running around; however, there are a lot of vacant houses filled with garbage in those neighborhoods, too. Count your blessings for those cats, or we would be overrun with rodents. Come winter, they would be in your house.

Really hurting

I thought Shamokin Area School District was really hurting. Why are they hiring a physical therapy company for their athletes? If my son or daughter broke their arm in gym, I would be responsible for it, not the school. There is too much emphasis on football. Frog's take: This isn't anything new. They were renewing a contract that involves all sports.

Another nail

Are you paying your taxes? Well, here is another unbelievable one out of Washington, D.C. Over the past 10 years, the IRS has paid themselves $60 million in bonuses.

Coal region mystery

Sounds to me like Jenna Wasakoski figured out the mystery in the City of Shamokin. Ninety percent of the people are playing Candy Crush. I'd say it was invented here, except someone would have had to be smart enough with a little energy to get dressed and off the couch to do so.

Don't get it

I read and listen to all these ridiculous, uneducated comments about how education money is spent. I went to the source and learned that all of the budget, I believe $26 million or $27 million, is education, with maybe $500,000 for sports and such. I believe that means that about 1/53rd is not going toward education. But they learn from teamwork and such, too, in sports. If you're going to be mad, ask Corbett what happened to the other half of the budget. Find out what he is wasting that money on that our kids don't get it anymore.

ACCESS lobster

I am calling about "Nit-picking." The reason people get food stamps is to buy what they want to eat. I myself am not on them and I don't care what they buy. If they want to buy lobster, it is up to them. As long as they feed their kids and take care of them, I am happy.

Parking lot

I am calling about one of the repair shops in Kulpmont. He takes cars in and they sit on the street for sometimes up to six months before he gets to them. He might be a good mechanic, but he is a terrible neighbor. He has at least 15 cars on the public street here.

Join the club

I was calling to see if you can find out if the Edgewood Swim Club takes the ACCESS card? I would really like to know because I would like to join. Frog's take: I'm going to go out on a limb here and say they don't.

No English

I don't think the councilmen in Kulpmont understand English. The people don't want a new building.

Doing time

This is for all the parents out there who don't want to watch their children or don't care about their children and what mischief they are getting into. I think you should be put in jail for the crimes of your children and your children should be sent to detention camps to be taught how to act around other people's property.

Keep him

I hope we gave enough aid to Kenya so when Obama goes over to visit his folks, they decide to keep him.

Best friends

I finally agree with Mr. Shuey on one topic out there at the Shamokin Area High School. Instead of the school directors trying to save the taxpayers money, they still keep a firm that costs more.

Won't work

I think building a fence along the border and hiring 20,000 guards will not work. They'll just come in through Florida, Canada or California.