Move on

The George Zimmerman trial is over. I wish the media would get over it and get on with other news. They are still harping on it. It is over. Get over it.

Cruel act

I would like to tell the person that dropped off five 5-week-old tiger kittens in our back yard in the 300 block of South Shamokin Street that you did a cruel thing. They can't eat or drink without the mother cat and I can't get out to help them in this heat and sun. They are going to die. I don't appreciate what you did.

Feeding time

What exactly is the need for an eighth-grade football team at MCA? The feeder programs, especially the Kulpmont Cougars have done a great job of preparing the players for the next level. The district should save the funds from eliminating the freshmen team and reallocate them elsewhere. It would have been nice if Coach Carm would have worked with the feeder programs and not against them.

Totally wrong

Thank you, Mr. Timmons, for sharing your personal opinion about God, marriage and government. Here's mine: You're totally wrong.

Already a place

Mr. Timmons, if you truly believe our government and society should be ruled by God and religion, you should live in a nation that shares your views and "values," like Iran or Saudi Arabia.

Preach practice

We have all these politicians that are so bent on getting rid of the guns that private upstanding citizens may carry for protection. Why don't they practice what they preach and get rid of their armed body guards, or should I say, hired guns?

In on the take?

Is anybody looking into the pension scandal in Mount Carmel in the police department? Frog's take: Council is studying it, our latest story said.

God help us

What kind of a mixup is it that you don't have a police department because of an insurance glitch? So now we are at risk in Kulpmont? What kind of leaders do we have in this town? It is ridiculous. State police are a half an hour away. God help us. Frog's take: Seems it was more than a "glitch." We believe the provider dropped them. As to why, that's what's coming out.

Straightened out

That is the best thing they did in Kulpmont is get rid of the police force and use the state police. Now maybe the town will get straightened out.

Area wide

I'd agree with the recent caller who said that Shamokin is becoming a shanty town, but it is not just Shamokin, it is the entire coal region, Mount Carmel and Kulpmont included. Who do we thank for bringing all the riff-raff here?