Why is Vinny Clausi so hell-bent on knowing what the City of Shamokin council members' benefits cost? What did his cost when he was a Ralpho Township commissioner? Come on, Vinny, keep your nose in county business, not in the city's.

Spend like water

What does Shamokin City Council have to hide with this request for the right to know about health insurance benefits? Also, they had to hire an outside firm to represent them in court. It is not going to be the solicitor, so it is going to cost extra money to defend them.

Sour grapes

To the person who is knocking the prison workers: It sounds like a case of sour grapes to me. They probably applied for a job and didn't get it.

Alive and well

Here is a disturbing fact: One out of every six Americans is on food stamps. Socialism is alive and well in America.

Would be nice

Could we find out what the co-pays are for the commissioners of Northumberland County and what we the taxpayers are paying for their benefits? It would be nice.

Four-walled world

About the guy complaining about the prison employees: Sounds like an ex-inmate that got out and thinks he should have a bigger welfare check so he can buy more crack for his people.

Pure enjoyment

I am from Natalie and we really enjoyed the fireworks that the fire company provided and the fellas who did the work. Excellent! Thank you so much.

Gap works

I knew that Shamokin and Mount Carmel were putting on fireworks on Saturday, but I had no idea that Locust Gap was as well. I was watching them from the highway and they were excellent. Good job.

Thanks, Clover Hose

I would like to thank the Clover Hose for a great picnic and the fantastic fireworks.

Analog kid

Old technologies take a minor role in a progressive society. The TV and Internet moved ahead of radio and newspaper. Gas, oil and electricity heat our homes instead of coal. Thousands of new medical technologies replace the old. To believe that fossil fuels are our future is outdated thinking. Frog's take: You are going to have to pry my internal combustion engine from my cold, dead hands.

Pig house

The lady on East Third Street in Mount Carmel should mind her own business. She is always calling the cops on everybody. She should spend more time taking care of her kids in her filthy house.

Great once again

To those who planted the flowers going into Shamokin along Route 61, I just wanted say once again that they are beautiful. Thank you for everything you have done and for keeping it up.

Scrooge McDucks

For all you people who are retired and go back to your former employer in some capacity: Why don't you old coots just stay retired? You are taking jobs away from younger people. Are you that darn greedy? Frog's take: Wow, such anger. Don't you think that most people would just "stay retired" if they could afford to?

Walk the walk

This is to the person that complained that working for the state prison system is like being on welfare. If you want to hang out with common criminals, murderers, thugs, child molesters, rapists and drug dealers eight to 16 hours a day, why don't you apply for a job? You don't know what it's like until you have to live it and walk it for a day or two. Frog's take: Well said.

No one's home

I would like to know why there are three brand new houses sitting down at the prison and no one lives in them, yet the taxpayers are paying the upkeep on these houses. They were for the warden and the two superintendents.