Selective service

It's funny how all the haters blame Obama for things Bush did or for things that he couldn't possibly have controlled, but now say that his policies have nothing to do with our improving economy. Conservatives not only have selective memory, but selective realty.

Nothing's shocking

I'd like to add more to the caller's comment about Mayor Novakoski's public admission at Tuesday evening's Kulpmont Borough Council meeting that "he doesn't read the newspaper." Shockingly, that's bad enough, but sitting there watching Councilman Scicchitano spitting into a cup every few minutes and Mrs. Niglio squirming in her seat and acting like her hair's on fire in front of a standing room audience of taxpayers, would have made Mayberry and Hooterville proud. The entire council being what it is, has my vote for the "Rusty Hacksaw Blade of the Year Award."

Shallow ground

The main reason Kulpmont Borough Council won't use the East End's new social hall for the announced town hall meeting Aug. 5 is obvious. The hall was recently built with an $800,000 federal loan, the mortgage is already in default, and all the trustees resigned. More importantly, council doesn't want a collective group of irate taxpayers seeing the end result of a failed plan that was doomed from the very beginning because it was unaffordable. And now, the stubborn council wants to borrow an amount one and a half times greater than that for a grandiose plan that's even more expensive and unaffordable. It, too, is doomed, and a shovel of dirt hasn't even been turned.

Fit to print

At Tuesday's Kulpmont Council meeting, Mayor Novakoski asked why he wasn't invited to the citizen meeting about the new borough hall the previous night. He was told the announcement for the meeting was in the newspaper. His response was, "I don't read the newspaper." Is that a reflection on the News-Item or the mayor?

Thin line

The Kulpmont Council members stated they want a building with access to a gas line in order not to pay for oil. Well, what about the rest of the town having a gas line? Why do some sections of town have gas line access and others not when we pay the same taxes? What's good for the borough building should be good for everyone. And before you pay to have the streets paved, get the gas line. Also, the borough garage building seems to be in fine shape. Why not add on a meeting room and a small room for the police? They don't need a large room.

All access

I read Thursdays Sound Off concerning personal computer availability or lack of such at the Mount Carmel library. So, I am taking it that they do not have any to use right now, correct? Well the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation has a project named Gates Library Foundation that may be of help. They provide free computer hardware and software required for community access to the Internet and support and training for library staff for libraries in U.S. and Canada as well. The only stipulation is in that the community must meet a low-income standard to qualify.