Big gulp

A big thank you to Rep. Kurt Masser for the extra 10 cents a gallon I had to pay at the gas pump today.

Remember pets

If it's too cold for you outside, it's too cold for your pets. Use some common sense and bring them inside or make sure they have adequate shelter with plenty of straw or hay to keep warm and dry. People who own dogs and tie them up their whole life - that's a cruel way to keep a pet. I have two neighbors who do this, and it breaks my heart.

No choice

I hear people say they can't find jobs and their benefits ended. Here's a bit of reality from the taxpaying public that works so you don't have to: We don't care if the job you may have to take isn't the one you want or doesn't pay the money you're accustomed to. Most of us who have been working to supply that check don't have our job or salary of choice either.

Use the force

Regarding the 1.3 million people who were cut from the jobless extended benefits programs, I am not being pessimistic, but this will surely force some of the more complacent unemployed to search a little harder in seeking another job.


I am a senior citizen, and I am afraid I got scammed. Before Christmas, I ran out of oil and was fortunate enough to get an allocation from LIHEAP. When the oil man came, he filled half the tank and gave me credit for the rest of the money. I wondered why until yesterday when I saw the oil companies knew the price of oil would be going up after the first. Did this happen to anyone else?

Lost his lid

I saw the helmet for the Oregon guy kept coming off in the football game against Texas. He should have had some duct tape to stick it back on. Quack, quack.

Age of Tron

I feel sorry for today's children as it seems they are being raised by Internet parents. The parents will take time to text them, but not time to talk to them. These are the people who take time to post every single thing they do on the Internet, but they don't have time to sit and do face-to-face time with their own children. I feel sorry for these children.

Sleighing song

I see the Mount Carmel Lions Club pulled a good one. They let a kid name a deer Whiskey. Good one. What other way to promote alcohol during the holiday season than to have a kid pick the name whiskey, and you guys think that is the best name. Frog's take: Contrary to popular belief, Rudolph is not the most famous reindeer of all. Whiskey is a lot more fun. He could be a handful at the end of the night, though.

Merge to become

To the person who called in and said the Shamokin and Coal Township police departments should unite, I guess you must live in Shamokin. Get your finances in order.

Great letter

I just want to say what a great letter Garth Hall wrote regarding the security and saving of our city. I have talked to the mayor several times about this situation in the past. What they need to do is have a federal investigation of what has been going on in city hall. This was a terrible thing to do and they are all responsible.

Best of the best

I would like to wish Mr. Vinny Clausi a very happy new year and the very best of health. He is the best politician Northumberland County has had since Henry Lark.

Oil's well

This is to the dirt bag who dumped oil on the front porch in Mount Carmel. If you are going to harass somebody, at least know the address of the person you are doing it to. That way you won't harass an innocent person. Grow up!