Horse feathers

I am calling about the Carol Whary horse issue in Trevorton. She must have some son to turn on his mother like that.

Last dance

Frog, I'll say one thing: Barack and Michelle Obama will certainly look good dancing over the cliff.

Coal region proud

I see that Mount Carmel made all the national news shows, which reported the unbelievable incident involving a kindergarten student and the bubble gun. We haven't been in the national news since someone in Shamokin shot Santa Claus in the city's Christmas parade. It makes you proud to be from the coal region.

Missing bus

To Northumberland County Head Start: If you are looking for bus No. H20, it has been abandoned in front of my house for a week on East Dewart Street. Please come and remove it.

Enough already

Leave it alone already. Enough is enough about the Mount Carmel school and the girl with the bubble gun.. There are more things that need to be put in perspective than stupid stuff like that. Everybody makes mistakes and nobody's perfect.

Gimme shelter

This is just a reminder for people who have dogs and cats: Bring them in in this cold weather. If you are cold, they are cold. Have a heart, people. Or else get a dog pen and put cedar chips or hay in it.

Was nice

Who cares if Beyonce's voice was recorded? It was nice.

Out in cold

I am a citizen of Shamokin and I live on Market Street. I think it is pathetic that these children stood out here in 7 degree weather and they are just now getting the buses from school. It is ten of eight in the morning. Who are the parents?

Public's attention

Here we go once again. When Clausi is questioned on things and items that he does not want to have brought to the public's attention, he carries on in an outrage. Then he has the audacity to call the police to have someone removed from a public meeting. Unless Mr. Kaleta was being disorderly, he had every right to be at that meeting.

Malice in palace

Lincoln's second inaugural address said, "No malice towards all." Obama's speech was full of malice.

The legacy

Lawsuit, lawsuit, lawsuit. That is what Vinny Clausi's legacy is going to be. Who is going to be paying for all these lawsuits?

Breakfast briefing

To all you people out there who complain about not having a choice for our kids for breakfast at Shamokin Area: Be happy for these children to get some kind of food to keep their strength and brains working. When I was a kid, I wish I was given a breakfast like this. Be thankful to God and all of us for these children.

Pay up

Let me get this straight. Vinny costs the taxpayers of Northumberland County $215,000 plus numerous lawsuits, but wants to make a big deal about a $420 legal bill submitted by another commissioner? What a hypocrite. I'll tell you what: if Vinny pays his bill, I'll pay the $420 legal bill for Shoch.

Blighted conditions

I would like to see the City of Shamokin enact an ordinance requiring all blighted homes to be inspected after purchase, set time limits on the renovation of the property and be inspected before occupancy. Too many of these properties are being left in the same blighted conditions long after purchase.

Lawyer up

Commissioner Rick Shoch ran up unnecessary legal fees and the county taxpayers will now have to pay for it. If Shoch wanted to review the court deposition, he could have obtained it from the county solicitor at no cost. Instead he chose to go to his lawyer friend, which cost the county money. Shoch is a lawyer. Why did he have to go to another lawyer to get help to review legal documents?

Hitler lives

In reference to the caller who suggested that abortion keeps the population and unemployment under control and cuts down on our carbon footprint, you are one frightening individual. I thought that Adolph Hitler was dead, but evidently I was wrong.