Darwin award

I disagree with the comment that the Theory of Natural Selection has come to an end. Ironically, looking at the people in Walmart and the surrounding area, they have adjusted to the region and environment, are content with the status quo, pass their qualities onto future generations, don't want or need progress or improvements and depend on government assistance and support.


The debt ceiling has absolutely nothing - zero, zilch, nada - to do with Obama spending any more money. It has already been spent. Do you pay rent, a mortgage, car loan, Sears credit card or whatever? You owe that money. That's your debt ceiling. It has nothing to do with buying a new home or car. Nothing to do with going to Sears and charging new purchases.

Be gone

In response to "On the corner," I've been in contact with the code officer and city clerk numerous times since at least April and was assured something would be done by the beginning of the new year to be rid of the trash, and as of yet nothing. They know the owner and yet it's still there. Supposedly they are being fined, but, if so, wouldn't it be gone by now?

Well played

So NRA and their pro-gunners say things like "just enforce the laws on the books." Meanwhile, the NRA, through back-door amendments that they write, supported by congressmen who they own, make sure that the federal government and the ATF are powerless in enforcing them. Well played, NRA!

Join the army

This is for all you gun enthusiasts who think you have to have a military style weapon and extra big clips: Go to the military. You will get them for nothing.

Just one thing

As far the Rabbittransit problems that the senior citizens are complaining about, I just have one thing to say, quoting Sheldon Cooper: "I am not saying that all senior citizens that can't master technology should be publicly flogged, but if we made an example of one or two it might give other incentive to try harder." Frog's take: Quoting "Big Bang Theory"? Yikes.

Mall rats

I was happy to read in the paper that the LATS bus is going to go to the mall in January, and it tells you what time they are going to pick up and where. What it doesn't tell you is what time we are coming back. How long are we going to be down there? There is no telephone number in the book. Frog's take: You can reach LATS through the Mount Carmel Borough offices.

Faked out

I see where that linebacker from Notre Dame, Te'o, and the girlfriend that he had who supposedly died, never existed. I am not a Notre Dame fan, but I don't think that is right. Frog's take: That boy has got some issues.

Harmony corruption

The Chicago school system is rated one of the worst in the country. The state pension fund is $78 billion in debt. Cook County's sales tax is 10.25 percent; the highest in the country. The culture of corruption would make a Louisiana politician blush with envy. The leadership in Illinois is all Democrat. You can't blame Republicans, because there aren't any. Tax and spend.

Prime directive

Would you vote for a communist to be president? Well, all of you who voted for Obama already have. He issued a directive that all doctors and nurses have to question their patients if they have guns or not. It is not going to stop with guns; it is going to go to everything.


In 2008 Obama called President Bush "irresponsible and unpatriotic" because the national debt was at $9 trillion. Today, after four years of Obama, it is at $16 trillion-plus, and he wants to raise the debt ceiling again. What an incredible hypocrite this man is.

Stick 'em up

A 5-year-old girl from Mount Carmel Area School District is suspended for making terroristic threats for threatening kids with a Hello Kitty bubble gun at a bus stop? You have just succeeded in making this child afraid of the school and the police. This is a teachable moment; then they question her for three hours without her parents?

Father figure

The Sound Off caller who stated that the president is an illegal is ridiculous. Barack Obama is an American whose father came from a foreign country just like our ancestors. The mentality of these people who believe this nonsense is really sad. It is also sad that The News-Item would print such an idiotic statement. Frog's take: Remember, this is Sound Off.