Grow up

I am calling in reference to the Christmas tree pickup in Mount Carmel. Someone called Sound Off and said, "What are we supposed to do?" I'll tell you what: act like a grown-up. You are willing to buy the tree, why not pay to have it hauled away by your trash collector?

Accurate accuracy

Looks like the mayor of Shamokin is blasting our local newspaper and reporters for attending city council meetings and reporting the truth. Accuracy is accuracy no matter what page it is printed on in the paper. As for the letter itself, I think most faithful readers of The News-Item knows that someone else wrote that letter and the mayor purely signed it. I guess he figures you guys should stop trying to sell newspapers.


What are the taxpayers going to do? The mailmen, they think they own the post office. The transportation workers, they think they own the highway. The county workers, they thing they own the county. The teachers, they think they own the schools. I would like to know who is going to feed all these parasites, because there ain't enough taxpayers. Frog's take: That's a little harsh, suggesting all these hard-working people are "parasites." What do you do for a living?

Treated well

I deliver The News-Item and I want to thank my customers for treating me so well for Christmas. It shows me that they appreciate me coming out in all sorts of weather. Thank you so much.

Beer man

I would like to know how my neighbors can have four cases of beer delivered to their house every week and they live with electric heaters until energy assistance comes and pays to have their oil tanks filled. Something is wrong with this. These people should be investigated and they are on the taxpayers' dime. Frog's take: Next beer delivery, why not invite yourself over and find out, while enjoying a cold one, of course.

Hats off

Hats off to Shamokin Area School Board for looking into new security measures for our schools. This program will cost, but safety is first for our students and teachers; hoping our federal government will help with this cost. This is a program that is needed now, before something else happens. I hope the taxpayers will support this.

Call of duty

Reading the mayor of Shamokin's letter to the editor, it sounds like he doesn't like it when things don't go his way. He has the right to express his opinion, of course.

Water, water

I agree with Joe Biden - if it saves one life. So we should outlaw water. One of the most dangerous substances there is.

Police academy

If Shamokin Area hires a police officer at the high school, they don't need a $50,000 or $60,000 police officer or a double-dipper retired state police trooper. Get one out of the police academy who you can hire for $30,000 and you are qualified.

False sensationalism

The mayor of Shamokin in his letter to the editor accuses the newspaper of creating false controversies where none exist to sell more papers. If The News-Item sits back and takes that kind of abuse from an elected official without responding, it would be a shame. As for the city treasurer, she is being singled out for telling the truth about city finances and painted as someone who is looking to promote "false sensationalism," another bully move.

On the campaign trail

I didn't know the election for governor already started. Corbett is campaigning and now he is suing the NCAA because of the sanctions they put on Penn State.