Crying towels

So President Obama's uncle is in the United States illegally. I am not surprised. Thank you, Fox News. I think the crying towels are coming out.

Runneth over

You have two half-full cups. When you pour both half-cups into another cup and make it full, you end up with two empty cups. What do you do with one full cup? What do you do with the two empty cups? Throw them away? Frog's take: Maybe wash them and reuse them?

Prices soar like eagle

I would like to know why these people who voted for Obama aren't hollering about the price of gas and oil. I mean, when it was Bush and Cheney, oh, they were partners in oil rigs and drills.

One-track mind

Mr. Masser should not change his mind regarding the privatization of liquor sales. The assumption that additional problems and expansion of underage, drunk driving and loss of jobs have been proven false in all the other states that have gone this route. Don't forget, these public employees have lifetime, guaranteed, out-of-this-world pensions, medical care and other benefits. And nowadays, most of these are unfunded.


Rep. Masser, you promised in your reelection jargon that you would create jobs. Now you say in the paper you are totally committed to do away with 5,000 jobs. Maybe those displaced employees can get a job at the Wayside washing dishes.

Just get paid

In the past few decades, we have seen multiple hospital closings and mergers. Hospitals cannot sustain themselves when they are not paid. When people are insured, the hospitals get paid. Therefore, all the hospital associations support Obamacare, as should we if we want to see the hospital closings stop.

Dog problems

We haven't had much luck calling the dog warden in Northumberland County.

Downward spiral

What is this nonsense they are handing us on the news? The long-term unemployment trend is heading downward. Of course it is heading downward. You only get unemployment for so long and it runs out.

Private parts

In regard to the new AOAA park, I maintain my position that this park should not be built with taxpayer dollars. If this is a good idea, some private entity should get involved with it. Frog's take: The county's position has been that it doesn't want to sell the land or give control to a private entity because of the coal value that still exists.

Second to one

I just saw on the news that a single mother in Pennsylvania making $19,000 a year is eligible for over $80,000 in free money. Also, Pennsylvania is the second highest in the nation in welfare payments, second only to Rhode Island. Then we wonder why the country is broke.

Mad men

If the GOP - or Great Obstructionist Party - does not change from the setting of "Mad Men," white Anglo-Saxon Protestants of the early '60s, to the "Modern Family" era, they will likely be out of the White House for a long time.

Vast majority

Regarding the recent letter to the editor about privatizing the LCB: The author alludes to the "potential" of increased problems such as drunken driving and underage drinking. Why is it that 48 of the 50 states have privatized liquor sales with no increase in problems above what was normally happening anyway? Drive to any one of these states and see how nice it is to have the convenience of buying a six pack or case of beer at Wal-Mart or at the local convenience store.

Sky-high debt

Regarding the clown who complained about Life Flight charging $26,000 to fly from Shamokin to Danville. Yes, that is absurd, but Geisinger is making lots of money in the air medical business, and if you have insurance it normally pays for it. If you don't, then you will be in debt until you pay it off.


So our local senator opposes liquor sales at a late hour. That is his opinion. But what if after working a second shift I would like, say, a rum and coke when I get home. What is so wrong about stopping at a local store, purchasing a pint of liquor and soda, then driving home and making myself a nightcap?

Red fur

Regarding the story about the nine puppies: Is it too early to red-shirt those nine puppies or what? Frog's take: Oh, not already!