What's the reason?

First, gas prices are entirely too high. Second, gas in this area is $3.59 a gallon. Up in Frackville, it's $3.44 a gallon. What is the reason for this?

Keystone fire sale

Boy, this Corbett guy is something. He wants to sell everything off. I hear he has the state of Pennsylvania for sale.


You want to know what is wrong with the youth of today? It's their attitude. And their attitude is what is causing problems, and their elders don't do anything about it. It is high time we start putting our foot down to these youngsters. In the long run, we are only helping them out by putting our foot down now.

Inferno heros

I would like to commend the all the firefighters in the area who have dealt with all these fires the past few days. You guys are awesome. We are doubly blessed to have you all in this area as volunteers. Please stay safe and God bless you all for everything you do and everything you give. Thank you so much.

Deserve it

A judge will decide if Commissioner Clausi was wrong when he had citizens silenced at the last county commissioners meeting. The question citizens should ask is why? We will remain vigilant agitators to uncover illegal activities in the county. Taxpayers deserve it.

Buried alive

Buried on Page 8 of a recent News-Item was a three-sentence story regarding the contraction of the economy of the United States in the fourth quarter of 2012. A second quarter of negative growth and our country will officially be in a recession. Try to find some news agency that explores this story fully. If there were a Republican administration in Washington, this story would lead every evening news show and be a front-page attack on the failed policies of the Republican president.

R.I.P., Ed

R.I.P., Ed Koch, former New York representative and mayor of New York City. Ed was a cordial, courageous, honest politician. He was a man of conviction, an outstanding member of the Jewish community who spoke out against anti-Catholicism, anti-Semitism and any other kind of bigotry. He was a wise "people person" and a loyal Democrat. He was fiscally conservative, truthful and he loved America. His job was "the second most difficult job in America," but he made it look easy because of his dedication to NYC and its people.

Donkey kong

In regards to "Dying breed:" Spoken like a true jackass.

My way, highway

Reading the Southern Columbia Area School Board members debate not to use one of the local newspapers because of dissatisfaction of their coverage doesn't solve any problems. Both sides have their opinion, and the public has the right to know this. So get together and work these problems out, and don't say, "I'll take away your business if you don't print my story as we see it."

Mob rules

We never should have been at war in Vietnam and we never should have been at war in Iraq. Saddam had nothing to do with 9/11. Keep listening to the lies and we will have more wars.

Same staff

How do you fire a Shamokin Area head football coach and bring in a new head football coach and keep bringing back the same old assistants you have for the last four years?

Magic carpet sale

Frog, not having a computer for Internet access, I do know John Kay was of German descent, having emigrated from East and West Germany to America while young. A school teacher here couldn't pronounce his name and called him John. His last name then wasn't Kay. I think Steppenwolf was some kind of German aircraft. Frog's take: According to the interweb, the band got "Steppenwolf" from a Herman Hess novel of the same name. John Kay's birth name is Joachim Fritz Krauledat. How's that for a handle?